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Congratulations to Whip & Mrs. Whip on the birth of their son, Alexander James! Baby and mom are both doing very well.

This week, win tickets to see One Republic at Ravinia Festival!

Good luck to the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks in their respective playoff series!

Last week, we welcomed our first ever live in-studio audience sponsored by Allstate, Chicago's Own Good Hands. Go behind the scenes in the latest 60 Seconds of the Show...

Save the Date - The annual Eric & Kathy Charity Golf Outing for the Super Jake Foundation on Friday, June 13, 2014 at Oak Brook Hills Resort Chicago.

Patrick Sharp for joins us throughout the season for Sharp Attack sponsored by Comcast Business!

Watch all of the videos from Chips, Dip, and a Mexico Trip... Cabo by clicking here and see all of the photos here!

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The 16 "Girly Things" That Guys Love

1 Buying scented candles.
2 Keeping a diary.
3 Enjoying women's shower gels.
4 Enjoying the occasional face cream, mask, or lotion.
5 Knitting, sewing, crocheting.
6 Snuggling.
7 Baby animals.
8 Watching Dance Moms.
9 Watching House Hunters.
10 Posing like your in a Vogue cover shoot.
11 Giggling.
12 Taking baths.
13 Reading the Babysitters Club series.
14 Wearing yoga pants.
15 Planning a Happy Ever After.
16 Singing along with Disney songs.

The Top 5 Don'ts After a Breakup
5 Don't torture yourself!
4 Don't be too hard on yourself.
3 Don't go too crazy "treating" yourself.
2 Don't turn into a bad friend.
1 Don't panic.

Compliments Men Want to Hear from Women

"You make me feel beautiful."
"I admired the way you handled that."
"That meal you cooked is delicious."
"Myfriends and family love spending time with you."
"You're hilarious."
"I alway sfeel safe with you."
"You're so sexy/good looking."
"I need your advice on something."
"That girl was totally checking you out."
"Can you open this jar for me?"
"You're an amazing dad, brother, or friend."
"You're fearless."
"I really respect you."
"Wow. You really have been working out."

How to Spot an Attractive Woman When She's All Bundled Up

1 Watch her strut, swagger, or walk.
2 Look into her eyes... for once!
3 Become a leg man since you can still see them.

The 10 Old Fashioned Dating Habits Men Should Bring Back

1 Come to the door.
2 Dress nicely for the date.
3 Bring flowers or other tokens of affection.
4 Go dancing that isn't grinding.
5 Be straight forward and just ask her out.
6 Be clear about when you're going steady.
7 Romantic gestures like writing poetry.
8 Turn electronics off and just be there.
9 The general concept of asking permission for things.
10 Not assuming sex is coming at any point in time.

The Eric & Kathy Show features interviews with celebrities like Will Ferrell, Jenny McCarthy, & Cameron Diaz, live in studio performances, and more.

The celebrity name we cannot mention in 2014 is Justin Bieber! If you hear us say his name at all, outside of the news, be the first person to call 312-591-6800 and you'll win a prize!
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