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Morning Show Archives:

Six surprising things that can cause a heart attack from Prevention.com (1/19)
  1. SITTING IN TRAFFIC. You're not physically exerting yourself, but your stress level is through the roof, which can raise your blood pressure and cause a heart attack.

  2. WAKING UP. Harvard researchers say you're 40% more likely to have a heart attack in the morning than you are later in the day. It's because when you wake up, your body gets flooded with adrenaline and other hormones that raise your blood pressure. And your blood is thicker because you're partially dehydrated. Hitting snooze a few times actually decreases your risk of having a heart attack because it forces your body to wake up slowly. And if you exercise before work, make sure you always warm up first.

  3. MONDAYS. 20% more heart attacks occur on Mondays because people are stressed out and depressed about returning to work. To reduce your risk, go to bed earlier on Sunday night.

  4. HAVING A FATTY, HIGH-CARB MEAL. Foods that are high in fat and high in carbs constrict your blood vessels and make your blood more prone to clot.

  5. GOING TO THE BATHROOM. Straining increases the pressure in your chest and slows the return of blood to your heart. The best way to avoid keeling over on the toilet is to eat more fiber.

  6. PUBLIC SPEAKING. Being nervous raises your blood pressure, your heart rate, and your adrenaline level. Most of us don't like doing it, which is why people with heart issues often take a beta-blocker before they step up to the podium.

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