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Morning Show Archives:

"Could You Be an Agenda Girl?" from "Don't Be That Girl: A Guide to Finding the Confident, Rational Girl Within" by Travis Stork.
  1. T / F I am almost always the one who introduces the subject of marriage and children.
  2. T / F I often find myself thinking about what we'll do on future dates during our first few outings.
  3. T / F I have actually practiced signing my name using my boyfriend's last name.
  4. T / F I feel sorry for the losers, er, I mean women, who are over thirty and still not married.
  5. T / F My biological clock sounds more like a ticking time bomb. If I don't have children within the next few years, I'll explode.
  6. T / F My first dates are usually a lot like job interviews.
  7. T / F If I don't get married by a certain age, I'll feel like an old maid.
  8. T / F It is important for me to figure out fairly quickly whether or not I would marry a guy.
  9. T / F If my boyfriend didn't propose to me within eighteen months, I would leave and find someone who would.
  10. T / F The Rules is my dating bible.

  11. Scoring:
    0-2 True: While you want to get married eventually, you are not turning guys off with an obvious marriage agenda.
    3-5 True: So maybe you don't have your imaginary babies' names all picked out, but what you do have is a minor case of Agenda Girlitis.
    Take my word, even a minor case can be a major relationship killer, so read on.
    6+ True: You are a full-blown Agenda Girl. Please keep reading to learn how you can stop driving men away.

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