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Morning Show Archives:

The Body Language of Body Art (3/22)
Men's Health magazine recently analyzed the body language of various body decorations and discovered that females who wear lots of body glitter are fun, curious and playful but body glitter isn't the only way to find out about a woman's inner side. A small tattoo on a woman's shoulder means she's funny and overtly sexy, and loves to tease. This woman wants something unexpected and memorable to catch your eye when she wheels on her heels, throws you a sly smile, and takes leave. "Invite her out for a night of dancing, preferably Latin dancing. And don't forget to kiss the tattoo. The shoulder is a very erotic spot."
A tattoo on the small of her back suggests a woman who is secretly sexual. She's essentially telling you to "press here." This type of tattoo, especially if it's a tribal design, also means spirituality and a wider perspective on reality. "Bring her aromatherapy candles and be sure to ask what her tattoo means. Lower-back tattoos are usually very personal." Body glitter If she's wearing body glitter or crystals, she wants to sparkle just like they do. She's girlish and fun, curious and playful, and she still believes in magic. In fact, she's looking for a Prince Charming to put some real twinkle on her finger. Might be you.
Nails A woman with long, elaborately painted fingernails is trying to create the illusion of class. She may be a supermarket cashier, a bank teller, or work on an assembly-line who's trying to disguise the fact that she's a everyday blue collar girl. This woman values an elegant lifestyle in which she doesn't have to work. She's looking to be pampered and protected. Think high-maintenance.
Tongue Stud This is the most in-your-face piece of body art a woman can have. "This is a self-confident woman.
Belly art When a woman calls attention to her stomach with a navel ring, a belly chain, or a small tattoo, she's sending the signal that she's sexual, fertile, and possibly ready to reproduce. Men don't just size up potential mates by their facial features. We sub-consciously weigh a multitude of factors, including waist-to-hip ratio. So if she's got it and she's flaunting it, she's probably the type who wants to have kids--maybe not immediately, but someday.
Nose piercing A stud in the side of the nose means this woman is worldly and a little exotic."
Ear piercings A woman with multiple ear piercings can't get enough of a good thing. "If one is attractive, then two has to be twice as attractive, This tough-to-satisfy gal may have lots of credit-card debt, a closetful of shoes, and a lot of exes."
If her eyeliner curves up at the corners, she wants to be seen as mysterious, exotic, and divine. So we're talking wannabe diva here. Either be prepared to adore her, or ignore her.
A bicep bracelet or an armband tattoo signifies toughness. A woman with body art on a typically male place of adornment, such as the forearm or biceps, is willing to stand up for herself and won't take any crap. Better not insult her. Since she's calling attention to that arm, she probably works out.
An eyebrow ring or any other unconventional facial piercing is there for shock value. So what you have here is a rebel--a girl of brassy independence who likes to be provocative and occasionally make trouble. If you catch her eye, do nothing. Before long, she'll be over to ask you out. A small tattoo on atop her breast may indicate she's coming off a bad relationship. "Some women, especially older ones, get tattooed in private places to reassert ownership of their bodies." A sun design or a butterfly may represent her desire to rise again and be free. To win her broken heart, do just one thing: Listen.
Lots of bracelets on her arm means she's trying to attract attention. Men are visual creatures, taking in 80 percent of the world by sight. Women instinctively play to this, but creative types will endeavor to take it a step further. They'll use scent (perfume) and even sound (bracelets). Such a ploy may mean she's insecure, but more likely she's intelligent and cunning, and will stop at nothing to get her man. Introduce yourself and kiss her hand.
A tiny tattoo on the ankle signifies a good girl who wants to be bad. She probably works in a professional environment that frowns on tats, so she picked one that's less likely to be noticed. A rose symbolizes love and romance. An angel represents protection. Fairies connote nature and magic.

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