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Morning Show Archives:

Here are eight signs you might be dating a married guy from AOL Personals. (8/4)
  1. You've only met a few of his friends: Maybe your guy just doesn't have many friends. Or maybe he's only introducing you to the handful of friends and family members who know he's cheating, and who go along with it.

  2. He won't stay local: If your boyfriend always chooses restaurants and activities that are far from where he lives, it might be so he doesn't accidentally run into someone he knows while he's out with you.

  3. You only have his cell phone number: Your boyfriend might not have a home phone and that's why you only have his cell number. Or maybe he doesn't want you calling his house. You know, because his WIFE lives there.

  4. He covers his mouth with his hand: When someone covers their mouth with their hand, it's like not making eye-contact: It's a telltale sign they're not telling the truth. Same thing if he's always clearing his throat, touching his nose, or licking his lips.

  5. He drives a "family" car: Single guys don't drive minivans. They just don't. If your boyfriend does, there's a good chance he's got kids and maybe even a wife.

  6. He has photos of other women: It might mean nothing if you see photos of another woman in a guy's office or wallet. But you should make a mental note of it just in case.

  7. He gives long, complicated explanations: If you tell a guy you want to see his apartment, and instead of saying "sure" he launches into some elaborate excuse for why you can't, you have to wonder what he's hiding.

  8. He takes you along on business trips: Business trips provide the perfect cover for married men. If the only time you travel together is when you tag along on his business trips, you should look out.

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