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Morning Show Archives:

Here are the Top Seven Fashion Mistakes for Guys to Avoid (1/21)
  1. The most interesting thing is this: There's something of a spending "hierarchy" when it comes to clothes. What I mean by that is when you're working out your clothing budget you should spend the most money on your SHOES. Then you should spend the second most on your WATCH . . . then JACKETS . . . then SHIRTS . . . then PANTS. Seriously, I had no idea people thought about clothes this much. The rest of the list is a little more obvious, but check it out...

  2. Don't worry about what your friends will think. Make some changes, take some risks, and it'll show you have confidence.

  3. Don't wear a dark dress shirt with a suit. You might THINK you can pull this look off, but chances are . . . you can't.

  4. Don't wear dirty clothes. This seems like a no-brainer, but it's not. Guys, women WILL notice that small crusty ketchup stain you think is invisible. And they'll judge you for it. Sorry, but it's true.

  5. Don't wear clothes that are too big. Even if you're trying to camouflage your gut. It doesn't matter how big you are: When your clothes are a size too large, it's just unflattering. And let's face it...you're not fooling anyone anyway.

  6. Don't confuse "expensive" with "good-looking". That goes for all those ugly T-shirts that say stuff like "GUCCI" in huge letters. Sorry guys, it doesn't say "I have money." It says you're trying too hard. Oh, and you look ridiculous.

  7. Don't confuse work and play. Whether it's hanging out, heading to work, or hitting the gym, take the time to dress for the occasion, and vary your look depending on what you're doing


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