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Morning Show Archives:

Fashion Trends Men Hate Seeing on Women (1/18)
  1. Uggs:
    Duh: Fifty-seven percent of dudes rated these the most hated item of clothing ever. We get it. Huge clompy boots that look like they were made for cartoon characters aren't attractive. Next.

  2. Neon Anything:
    So random, but a whopping 73 percent thought the recent neon fashion trend moment blew the hugest chunks ever. Weird.

  3. Leggings:
    This stat kind of cracks us up: "Just over half of the men disliked the fashion phenomenon of Jeggings (leggings-jeans). Just 21% liked the look, while a third didn't even know what they were." Ignorance is bliss?

  4. Too Much Makeup:
    While 68 percent of men said they were anti too much war paint, 20 percent said some makeup was better than none at all. Alrighty then. Good to know.

  5. Leg Warmers:
    We were a little surprised to read that leg warmers were dissed by 30 percent. Interesting. They seem kind of cute and sexy to us.

  6. Harem Pants, Obviously:
    Thirty-eight percent of men said "Hell no" to harem pants. Yeeahhh, nothing's shocking there.

  7. Crappy Tattoos:
    When it comes to ink, 44 percent of men weren't feeling the idea of tattoos on women because they thought either the designs sucked or were tacky. On the other hand, a third of the men liked tattoos and 23 percent said they could take 'em or leave 'em.


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