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Morning Show Archives:

Five ways guys pretend they care about you from guyism.com. (7/19)

  1. Nod. This one's become standard, so you probably shouldn't rely on it. But if everything she says is boring you to death, just nod your head and keep asking questions. And for bonus points, every few minutes, throw in a "Really? No way!"
  2. Call to check in. It takes two minutes and almost no effort. But to her, it means you been thinking about her all day. In the age of the cell phone, it's become an essential part of relationship maintenance. And it scores MAJOR points.
  3. Pretend to invite her out. Call and tell her you bought tickets for the two of you to go to some event. But then you found out your buddy's going through a tough time, and you think it might cheer him up if you go with HIM instead. It makes you look like you planned a date even though you DIDN'T. And it also makes you look like a good friend. Just make sure the event isn't something she REALLY wanted to go to.
  4. Be a gentleman. This is classic stuff, but worth repeating: If you hold doors for her and let her order first at the restaurant, it makes it look like you care about her enough to treat her like a lady . . . even if you're just trying to get her in bed.
  5. Let her be right. It's okay to have an intelligent debate about something. But at the end of the conversation, find something she said and just concede the point. If you tell her she's right about something, she'll assume you think she's smart . . . even if what she said was completely wrong.

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