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Morning Show Archives:

"According to some of America's top chefs and behavior experts, this is the breakdown. If your guy orders:"

Steak- It's hot when a guy orders steak. It's a very masculine meal, showing their carnal cravings... unless he takes it too far. One big steak good; all you can eat - BAD. We want to be with you but if we can see that you are expecting a heart attack and clogged arteries later on, it's not worth it.

Fish- A guy that orders fish is confident and comfortable in his own skin. He appreciates the finer things and is a little bit health-conscious.

Pasta- This can be a tricky one. If a guy is ordering something boring like pasta primavera, and he owns it, like "I'm just in the mood for something simple tonight" then it's okay. Otherwise, prepare for this guy to be boring in bed. He likes his pasta spicy or garlicky or makes a special request expect a more adventurous romp in the sack.

General Tso's Chicken - If you go out for Chinese food and he gets this, you've got an easygoing fella.

Chicken Tenders - Is your momma coming to dinner with us, little buddy? Run ladies!

Pad Thai- You have a guy who is willing to explore new ideas, since he was cool with going out for Thai food. But he's not a super wild child, since he picked the safest thing on the menu.

Fajitas- Creative and likes to be hands-on in a relationship.

Pizza- If we're at a pizza place or a pub, it's all goo. But if we're at some place fancy this is a bad sign. The pizza on the menu at a white-tablecloth restaurant is supposed to be for the kids.

Burger- This is a good sign. This man knows what he likes. And he's super into you if he offers you a bite of his burger... apparently guys get very possesive about their meats.

Sushi- He's a keeper. Chefs say that ordering sushi is a sign of sophistication.

Salads- A guy that is so health-conscious that he orders a salad on a first date is for sure going to be giving you a disproving glance when you order dessert. Plus, do you really want to date someone who is more body obsessed than you are? You might as well imagine him looking at you like he wants to circle every flaw on your body with a sharpee and tell you to fix those spots. Run my girls!


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