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Morning Show Archives:

Six tips for spotting a single woman from Ask Men. (1/25)
  1. SHE'S MAKING TONS OF EYE CONTACT. There's a difference between a single woman and a serial flirt who's actually attached. Unless she's a chronic people-watcher, women who are already attached usually don't bother looking around the club. If she's making intense eye contact with you from across the bar, chances are she wants you to head over and start up a conversation.

  2. SHE'S TALKING TO EVERY GUY IN THE BAR. If you see her talking to tons of guys, as long as she's not shooting them all down, it means she's open to new conversations and it's safe to approach her.

  3. HER BODY LANGUAGE. If she has a boyfriend, chances are she won't be twirling her hair and casually touching other men.

  4. SHE'S OUT WITH THE GIRLS . . . AGAIN. Unavailable women DO go out and have fun with their girlfriends, but they have to make some time for the men in their lives too. If you see the same girl out with her friends more than once at the same bar within a short period of time, chances are she's flying solo.

  5. SHE'S DANCING WITH OTHER MEN. If you've seen her a few times at the same club and she's always dancing with different men, it's safe to assume she's single . . . or at least approachable.

  6. SHE'S OVERLY FRIENDLY. A woman's attitude is usually an indication of her status. As a general rule, attached women tend to be less friendly with other men and give off a standoffish attitude when approached. So if you notice that a woman is open and friendly with most men she encounters, chances are she's single.

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