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Morning Show Archives:

10 Things Single Women Wish We Could Tell Men (8/26)
  1. Every woman could use one compliment a day.
  2. We'd rather you didn't say, "I'll call you" if you really mean "goodbye." Just don't say anything we won't think you're a jerk as we part ways for the night. And you know the saying that goes, "It's better to under-promise and over-deliver?" How about, just don't promise anything and don't deliver anything.
  3. Most of us are not crazy or psycho. We can be emotional and hormonal.
  4. Even the most confident among us can act needy and insecure at times. It happens when you start pulling away and we're not aware that that's what you're doing, only that you're acting funny. But oh, you should see how cool and independent most of us are when we're not dating someone.
  5. Texting a girl twice a week does not count as staying in contact. It's meaningless and a waste of everyone's time. Let her go.
  6. After you do something bad, it would be so much better if you called us right away to apologize. You think it's best to wait a few days while we cool off, but what's cooling off is our feelings for you. Man up. The sooner the better.
  7. If we say we're babysitting for a friend, we did not say we want to have a baby now and that we want you to be the dad. "I'm babysitting" simply means, "I'm busy being a good friend." You are paranoid and it's embarrassing.
  8. Stop talking about marrying us until you actually give one of us a ring.
  9. As far as having children goes, you have the luxury of time. Appreciate it.
  10. Taking us for granted is probably the worst thing you could do after cheating and lying. Since women are very good at appreciating each other, your behavior looks kinda selfish to us.

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