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April 18, 2014  What's the top way to lose a guy?
Having nothing else going on.

April 17, 2014  The happiest couples sleep this far apart.
One inch

April 16, 2014  Your motor skills start to decline at this age.
24 years old

April 15, 2014  What's the top girly thing men like to do?
Buy scented candles

April 14, 2014  This name is the number one gold digger's name.

April 11, 2014  What's the top male insecurity?
Not having hair

April 10, 2014  How can you tell if you belong together?
You have compatible insecurities

April 09, 2014  Guys who do this are guys who do this.

April 08, 2014  10% of women say no to being a bridesmaid because of this.
The pastel dress

April 07, 2014  What percent of people lure you in with flirting?

April 04, 2014  What's the number one thing to do to have a good relationship?
Stop being a selfish jerk.

April 03, 2014  What is the top lie men tell on their social media profile?
What they do for a living.

April 02, 2014  What percent of men do it with the lights off because they are ashamed of their bodies?

April 01, 2014  This is the most attractive drink a man can order on a date.
Craft beer

March 31, 2014  One in three women think their boyfriend can be described as this.
High maintenance

March 28, 2014  If you want to look hotter to men, do this 40% less.
Wear less make-up.

March 27, 2014  76% of women say they prefer to settle down with this type of man.
A feminine man.

March 26, 2014  According to a new survey, what is the best way to break up?
By text

March 25, 2014  What's the number one thing you should do after a break-up?
Don't panic

March 24, 2014  At what age does a woman's sexual confidence peak?

March 21, 2014  The best relationships are when a man is this much taller than a woman.
5 inches.

March 20, 2014  Wanting a last relationshio? Make sure you agree on this question.
Do you like to watch horror movies?

March 19, 2014  What's the number one annoying girlfriend habit?
She's a picky eater.

March 14, 2014  What is the sexiest part of a woman's body?

March 13, 2014  If you parents weren't your parents, what percent of you would still be friends with them?

March 12, 2014  "Bachelor" fans 14 times more likely to look into this.

March 07, 2014  Surprisingly, your girlfriend thinks this is hot about you.
Your beer gut.

March 06, 2014  According to OK Cupid, this is the most important thing about your profile.
Your looks

March 05, 2014  A new study reveals what percentage of newlyweds have slept with at least two guests invited to their wedding.

March 04, 2014  What's the number one rule for a single mom looking for a friends with benefits relationship?
Don't introduce your children

March 03, 2014  People are more trust worthy when they have an easy this.

February 27, 2014  People are having surgery here to get rid of wrinkles.
Their knees

February 26, 2014  78% of women spend this amount of time getting ready all day.
1 hour

February 25, 2014  What is the number one reason a woman strays?
Poor communication

February 24, 2014  What percent of Americans married for love?

February 21, 2014  What state has the longest sex time?
New Mexico

February 20, 2014  How long does it take a man to recover from a breakup?
1 month

February 19, 2014  Couples in true love share this.
A facebook profile.

February 18, 2014  According to science, you can't be addicted to this.

February 17, 2014  Women are four times more likely to do this during a fight.
Hang up on you.

February 14, 2014  On Valentine's Day, men like this.
A hint of cleavage

February 13, 2014  More educated women are doing this.
Marrying down

February 12, 2014  A lady was arrested on a plane for this.
Aggressive flirting

February 11, 2014  According to a recent survey, the perfect bra size is this.

February 10, 2014  You would rather do it with a broken this than the cold or flu.
Broken arm

February 07, 2014  What's the number one thing you should have in your house by the age of 30?
A real couch

February 06, 2014  On average, this lasts 2 years, 9 months.
A relationship

February 05, 2014  What is the number one city for single ladies to live?
Austin, Texas

February 04, 2014  What is the number one thing women have nightmares about at night?
Their relationships.

February 03, 2014  What is the most annoying thing a guy can do when texting?
Adding "LOL"

January 30, 2014  The latest cosmetic trend with women is this.
Eyebrow transplants

January 29, 2014  What percent of people admit to having revenge sex within a month of breaking up?

January 28, 2014  What's the number one compliment that a woman wants to hear?
I love talking to you.

January 27, 2014  What's the number one thing that makes a man more attractive to a woman?
Hanging out with his friends.

January 23, 2014  In the first year of a relationship, women gain on average this many pounds.
7 pounds

January 22, 2014  What is the number one question a girl wants to ask when she starts to date a guy?
Does he actually want to be my boyfriend?

January 21, 2014  Men are more this after a break up.

January 20, 2014  How you can you tell if a bundled up woman is hot?
By her walk.

January 16, 2014  This bad habit can ruin your marriage.
Watching television during dinner.

January 15, 2014  After a break up, who is the best person to rebound with after the split?
The waitress at your favorite bar.

January 14, 2014  What is the number one lie women tell about their relationship?
They are having lots of sex.

January 13, 2014  A new survey found that this male name is the name most people associate with being an awesome husband.

January 10, 2014  38% of people think this is the best profession to have.

January 09, 2014  33% of these happens between Thanksgiving and NYE?

January 08, 2014  Couples are not enjoing this this.

January 06, 2014  How many men will a woman kiss until she finds her mr. right?
15 men

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