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December 17, 2013  What is the number one old fashioned dating habit women would like to see make a come back?
Coming to the door to be picked up for date.

December 16, 2013  What percent of people think kissing is cheating?

December 13, 2013  At what age do you start to understand your parents.
27 years old

December 12, 2013  According to men, this celeb has the perfect lips.
Scarlett Johansson

December 11, 2013  At this time of the day, you are at your hottest.
9:36 pm

December 10, 2013  What is the number one thing a man wants in a woman?

December 06, 2013  What is the number one thing that your husband does that annoys you?
Admits he is wrong.

December 05, 2013  What percent of people have hooked up after their holiday party?

December 04, 2013  If you were to go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant tonight, where would you go?
Red Lobster

December 03, 2013  13% of men will not ask a woman a second date if she does this on the first date.
Order the most expensive thing on the menu

December 02, 2013  What is the number one way to call down after a fight?
Take a deep breath

November 15, 2013  Women love this person more than their husband.
Their hairstylist.

November 14, 2013  What is the number one gesture to make your girl happy?
A kiss hello and goodbye

November 13, 2013  What is the number one things that make people happy?
Sex and Alcohol

November 12, 2013  What is the number one thing that turns men off in the bedroom?

November 11, 2013  This happened 18 years ago.
Ross and Rachel kissed for the first time.

November 08, 2013  1 in 4 men lie when they say this.
I love you.

November 07, 2013  What is the number one reason women check out other women's boobs?
Compare perkiness

November 06, 2013  What percent of people have hooked up with their first love after reconnecting on Facebook?

November 05, 2013  What is the number one bedroom faux pas?
Passing gas

November 04, 2013  Men pay more for this with their second wife.
Engagement ring

November 01, 2013  Smart women have this.
Big butts

October 31, 2013  What is the number one complaint women have about dating a man?
He doesn't kiss you quickly enough.

October 30, 2013  What percent of men have not seen their wife naked in over a year?

October 29, 2013  Kids trust this type of adult.

October 28, 2013  What percent of women will tell you everything about their love life?

October 25, 2013  Women drink faster when this is happening.
When music is playing

October 24, 2013  Women rank their first experience this.

October 23, 2013  What is the number one reason couples don't have sex on their wedding night?
The groom was too drunk.

October 22, 2013  This guy drives women wild with his nude scenes.
Antonio Banderas

October 21, 2013  Women wait about 4 weeks for their boyfriend to see this.
See them without makeup on.

October 18, 2013  This is the number one mistake men make in their dating profile picture.
He doesn't show his face in his profile picture.

October 17, 2013  Men consider this the ultimate act of love in a relationship
Cooking them a meal

October 16, 2013  73 percent of people surveyed say they are “making do” in their relationship because of this.
Their true love got away.

October 15, 2013  One third of women were disappointed with this with their engagement.
The location.

October 11, 2013  What is the number one thing you should never say to your unemployed friend?
Are you enjoying your time off?

October 10, 2013  What does a guy do or say when he wants to be more than friends with you?
He pokes fun at you.

October 09, 2013  The average person experiences this 4 times in their life.
Being cheated on

October 08, 2013  What is the number one sign he is good in bed?
He's a gentleman

October 07, 2013  Women feel this between 5-9am on Monday.

October 04, 2013  48% of brides fear this.
Best man's speech

October 03, 2013  60% of women say this BFF is too this.

October 02, 2013  How do you get your girlfriend out of the house faster?
Tell her she looks hot in the first outfit she puts on.

October 01, 2013  What is the median age for women to get married?

September 30, 2013  What is the secret to dating out of your league?
Having confidence.

September 26, 2013  What's the number one way to get people thinking you are pregnant?
Not drinking

September 25, 2013  At what age do women stop trying to look good?
59 years old

September 24, 2013  What is the number one thing thrown in a fight?
A shoe

September 23, 2013  Amy Poehler says her best friend needs this.
A sweet ass booty

September 18, 2013  What female animal drops dead if she doesn't do it for a year?

September 17, 2013  If you want a woman, have this in your home.
Fluffy towels

September 16, 2013  This is the number one annoying thing newlyweds do.
Give marriage advice

September 13, 2013  You fall in love after this many facebook messages?

September 12, 2013  What sign has the best sex life?

September 11, 2013  What is the least erogenous zone on a man?

September 09, 2013  How many times a day do men think about sex?

September 05, 2013  Have more of these, have a healthier baby.

September 04, 2013  This sign is most likely to cheat.

September 03, 2013  Eat this and your baby boy will have a small penis.
Chicken wings

August 29, 2013  40% of people do this to cure a bad mood?

August 28, 2013  What is the number one thing to never tell your spouse?
You don't turn me on.

August 27, 2013  What percent of women expect a man to know if she is angry?

August 26, 2013  How many times a year do single men change their sheets?
4 times a year

August 23, 2013  Women are happiest with their naked bodies at this age.
34 years old

August 22, 2013  Moms will make you this.

August 21, 2013  What percent of people married their true love?

August 20, 2013  What percent of people consider themselves kinky?

August 15, 2013  Women do this when ovulating?
Wear red or pink

August 14, 2013  On average, how many crushes do men have while in a relationship?

August 13, 2013  What percent of men would say "I love you" to get you in bed?

August 12, 2013  67% percent of men lie to avoid this.
A fight

August 08, 2013  What do women want to hear everyday?
I want to spend more time with you.

August 07, 2013  96% of women liked to be kissed here.
The neck

August 06, 2013  What is the number one big package city?
New Orleans

August 05, 2013  Women wish their boobs were more this.

August 02, 2013  32% more likely to be selected by someone from your online dating profile when you do this.
Pucker your lips.

August 01, 2013  This TV character is the perfect woman.
Penny from Big Bang Theory

July 31, 2013  What percent of men think less of you if you have sex on the first date?

July 30, 2013  58% of men think women with this hair color make the best sex partners?

July 29, 2013  What is the number one thing guys are insecure about on their body?
Their arms are too small.

July 26, 2013  This is the number one guy jerk name.

July 25, 2013  On average, how much lighter is a woman in summer?
7 pounds

July 24, 2013  What is the average bra size of today's women?

July 22, 2013  This type of men like a curvy butt.

July 19, 2013  Cheaters drive this kind of car.
An Audi.

July 18, 2013  What percent of women say that their married sex life is the best of their best sex?

July 17, 2013  71% of guys fantasize about this.
Their partner's best friend.

July 16, 2013  At what average age do people lose their virginity?

July 15, 2013  This type of music makes you happy.

July 09, 2013  45% of men have kissed this girl.
The girl that they can't remember her name.

July 08, 2013  If a man isn't married by this age, he is likely to be a bachelor for life.
43 years old

June 28, 2013  Banana Republic is the number one brand for this type of woman.

June 27, 2013  A guy will look 12% hotter when wearing this.
A plain, white t-shirt

June 24, 2013  Men look for a woman with feminine facial features when they want this.
A fling

June 19, 2013  By 32.5 years old, men discover this.
Their signature hairstyle

June 18, 2013  86% of married people wish their spouse would do this.
Lose weight

June 13, 2013  This happens at 2:55 pm daily.
It is the most unproductive time of the day.

June 12, 2013  This occurs for a woman after 1 hour, 6 minutes and 48 seconds.
High heel pain

June 11, 2013  Men are mature at this age.
43 years old

June 10, 2013  A woman is crazy if she does this within the first three dates.

June 07, 2013  When men are this, women want them more.

June 06, 2013  At what age does a girl start acting like her mother?

June 04, 2013  If you have this many partners by your early 20's, you are considered promiscuous.

June 03, 2013  What is the number one lie pregnant women tell?
They don't care if it is a boy or girl.

May 31, 2013  What six words should you never say when planning a date?
What do you want to do?

May 30, 2013  If a man wears this, it helps him in the workplace. If a woman wears this, it hurts.
wedding ring

May 29, 2013  If a guy is cheap, he tends to be this.

May 28, 2013  A woman will get rewarded with sex from her husband for doing this.
Watching sports.

May 24, 2013  High achievers are the ....

May 23, 2013  The number one sign a man is high maintenance is this.
He throws a fit.

May 22, 2013  Girls with this get hit on the most.
A tramp stamp

May 21, 2013  Men with this are likely to kiss on the first date.
A mustache

May 20, 2013  Off air poll: What percent of women would date a guy who weighs less than them?

May 17, 2013  What is the number one mistake women make in a marriage?
Nagging their husband

May 16, 2013  Men stress about this the most before their first date.

May 15, 2013  Men want this out of a relationship.

May 14, 2013  What is the number one way to stay attractive to a woman?
Don't follow her around like a puppy

May 13, 2013  Men don't want to overhear conversations from this person.
Their girlfriend/wife

May 10, 2013  What is the number one thing moms really want for Mother's Day?
A day of no wiping.

May 09, 2013  What is your number one regret from your 20s?
Not spending more time with your parents

May 08, 2013  A women is 31% more likely to give their number to a man carrying this.
A guitar

May 07, 2013  31% of men have experienced this.
A mid-life crisis

May 06, 2013  What is the number one thing never to do in bed?

May 03, 2013  These are two musts from match.com
Good grammar and great teeth

May 02, 2013  10% of women are attracted to this person.
Their boyfriend's father.

May 01, 2013  Scientists have found this that make a man immune to seduction.
An antibiotic

April 29, 2013  How long do you need to spend with your kids per day to connect with them?
12 minutes

April 25, 2013  Sex, a hot shower and this activity get you your best night sleep.

April 24, 2013  4 year olds are now getting treated for an addition to this.
Their iPads

April 23, 2013  What is the number one warning sign you are dating a womanizer?

April 22, 2013  24% of men want their women to get this?
Plastic surgery

April 19, 2013  What is the number one thing a girl does before a 1st date?
Checks him out on facebook.

April 18, 2013  A study shows most men can't interpret this about a woman.
A woman's emotions.

April 17, 2013  Shallow people frequently do this.

April 16, 2013  This is the number one way to hurt his self-confidence.
Compare him to other men.

April 15, 2013  What percent of men lie about their age?

April 12, 2013  What percent of people don't believe that sex with a robot would constitute infidelity?

April 11, 2013  Off air listener poll: Men - what percent of you think that you should know if you want to marry a girl within 6 months?

April 08, 2013  What two words should you never say to a woman?
Calm down

April 05, 2013  What is the #1 con for dating a tomboy?
She has a difficult time getting along with other girls.

April 04, 2013  Having this in middle school might ruin your life.
A boyfriend.

April 03, 2013  What physical characteristic reveals if you are trustworthy?
Eye color

March 29, 2013  What is the number one secret she is keeping from her hubby?
Her ex has a bigger package

March 28, 2013  What is the number one trait a man looks for in a wife?

March 27, 2013  These girls try harder.

March 26, 2013  Off air listener poll asking the men: how many partners have men had?

March 25, 2013  Women are most attractive at this age.

March 22, 2013  Number one thing that is a hubby turn on?
Shaving her legs.

March 21, 2013  What percent of the time does a man reply honestly?

March 20, 2013  48% of women do this in the car.

March 14, 2013  Great girlfriends don't do this.
Isn't a psycho when he looks at another girl.

March 13, 2013  What is the number one sign your boyfriend is hot for your best friend?
He's too touchy feely with her.

March 12, 2013  What size boobs do men prefer?

March 11, 2013  70% of teens first time happened here.
In the family home

March 08, 2013  What is the number one wedding rule to break?
Sleeping apart the night before.

March 06, 2013  This doesn't exist according to science.
Beer goggles

March 05, 2013  The number one color you shouldn't paint your nursery is this.

March 04, 2013  53% of men and 39% of women are this.
Completely trusting

March 01, 2013  The average weight loss after an affair is this.
8 pounds

February 28, 2013  Having a son takes this many months off a mom's life.
8 1/2 months

February 27, 2013  What is the number one thing you shouldn't say to a small busted woman?
Why don't you try a padded bra?

February 26, 2013  What is the worst form of cheating out of these? A. Sitting on someone's lap B. Having dinner with someone C. Telling someone your secrets D. Hugging for more than 10 seconds.
Sitting on someone's lap.

February 25, 2013  39% of men hit on women when they see this?
She is wearing a uniform.

February 14, 2013  Single women are doing this to stop the pressure and questions from their parents about getting a boyfriend.

Renting a boyfriend

February 13, 2013  What percent of women share naked photos with their guy?

February 12, 2013  What percent of men will buy a Valentine's gift even if she is in a relationship?

February 11, 2013  According to the rumors in Hollywood, this guy is dull as dishwater in bed.
Bradley Cooper

February 08, 2013  A man is sweet, sensuous and sensitive if his butt is shaped like this.
Apple shaped

February 07, 2013  What percent of women name their boobs?

February 06, 2013  What is the number one questionable reason to get pregnant?
To get all the new baby gear

February 01, 2013  How much would you pay your husband to go to a family birthday party?

January 31, 2013  If you are happily married, you gain this.

January 29, 2013  What is the number one reason he doesn't want to do it tonight?
Lack of body confidence

January 28, 2013  What is the number one thing that means more to a man than saying "I love you" to him?
Your undivided attention.

January 23, 2013  To be in a better mood, this is the magic number it should be happening a week.
7 days a week

January 22, 2013  What is the number one thing accidentally swallowed?
Fish or chicken bones

January 21, 2013  If a person looks into your eyes without blinking for 5 seconds, they either want to kill you or this.
Have sex with you

January 18, 2013  30% if men want women to do this at work.
Dress more appropiately

January 17, 2013  The number one thing single people need to stop saying is...
I'm going to die alone.

January 15, 2013  Women are annoyed when men plan this.
A spontaneous trip.

January 14, 2013  The trends for engagement rings this year is this.
Emerald rings

January 10, 2013  What is the top thing men do not notice about you?
A few extra pounds

January 09, 2013  80% of men are self-conscious about this.
Their guts

January 07, 2013  Which Friends character had the most partners?

January 04, 2013  Which marriage vow is the hardest to keep?
Being faithful

January 03, 2013  What is a 40-45 year old man's ideal body part?
A woman's chest

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