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December 21, 2012  Who suffers from Hyperemia?

December 20, 2012  Men with a good sense of this get less action.

December 19, 2012  Marriage causes a woman to do this more, men less.

December 18, 2012  What percent of people believe something will happen on 12-21-12?

December 17, 2012  One third of 18-34 of women say they get back together with their ex 3 times because of this.
They're still in love.

December 13, 2012  Women who do this professionally, send a message that their marriage is in trouble.
Work longer hours

December 12, 2012  To get him to commit, you must take care of this first.

December 11, 2012  What is the number one thing first time parents fight about?
They baby's name

December 10, 2012  What is the number one thing she wants for Christmas?
Christian Louboutin

December 07, 2012  What is the number one thing a woman loves about a man?
That you are a man of few words

December 06, 2012  This can bring couples closer.

December 05, 2012  If a woman wears her hair like this during her down time, she's surprisingly bold between the sheets!
In a ponytail

December 04, 2012  What is the number one reason women give for ending a relationship?
Not ready to make a commitment

November 28, 2012  What is the number one stolen item in the United States?

November 27, 2012  What's the number one sign you are desperate for a guy?
You are never single for more than a week.

November 26, 2012  What is the number one sign your date is interviewing you?
Your date asks where do you see yourself in 1, 5 and 10 years.

November 21, 2012  According to Cameron Diaz, all women want to be this.

November 20, 2012  If a guy forgets to do this, it kills his sex drive.

November 19, 2012  1 in 3 women feel depressed after this.

November 16, 2012  Men love your casual this.

November 15, 2012  What is the number one sign he is ready for a baby?
He points out cute babies.

November 12, 2012  The secret to a long lasting relationship is what?
To give them their space.

November 08, 2012  What percentage of American men can't see it?

November 07, 2012  In a recent study, what percentage of cuddle sessions lead to sex?

November 06, 2012  99% of wives feel their husbad to this frequently.

November 05, 2012  5 words that make you sound stupid.

November 02, 2012  According to a study on whatsyourprice.com, a perfect woman for a Chicago man has what?
Blonde hair and green eyes

November 01, 2012  What is the #1 most useful body part for a woman?
Their Fingers

October 31, 2012  81% of women watching their partner do this is their biggest turn on.
Watching them undress

October 30, 2012  Ladies, what will cost you a 2nd date? Drinking can lead to this.
Arrogant behavior

October 29, 2012  How many times per month do married couples do it?
4 times a month

October 26, 2012  The majority of women, 46% say their best ever was with who?
Their Ex

October 25, 2012  What percentage of men believe they can write a manual about doing that correctly?

October 24, 2012  People with a large what are more likely to have a one night stand?

October 23, 2012  Ladies, you can spend 2 hours a day on what?

October 22, 2012  Men are 3x more likely to do this then women.
Sleep nude

October 19, 2012  Things that are okay to lie about. Ladies, what is the #1 thing?
How much you really like his family.

October 18, 2012  7 ways woman affect male's behavior. In the presence of woman men find this easier.

October 17, 2012  Those who get married in this way might have a problem with infidelity.
The Elopers

October 16, 2012  If your wife or girlfriend offered you 1 gift, what would the #1 answer be?
Unforbidden sex act

October 12, 2012  How many seconds does it take for silence between 2 people for things to become awkward?
4 seconds

October 11, 2012  Top 11 secrets that woman don't want men to know. What is the #1 secret?
They don't wake up looking very good.

October 10, 2012  In Olivia land, how many years should you have in a relationship before you need to renew?
7 years

October 09, 2012  #1 thing women do to make them look too easy.
Having their thong be visible

October 08, 2012  7 things that shouldn't make you happy but they do. The #1 thing is?
Getting into fights

October 05, 2012  Increasing your sex life can boost your mood to be equivalent to increasing your income by?

October 04, 2012  5 gross things that men do that some women don't mind. What is #1?

October 03, 2012  The Top 25 countries with an average package size.
1. Republic of Congo - 7.1
2. Ecuador - 7
3. Ghana - 6.8
4. Columbia - 6.7
5. Iceland - 6.5
6. Italy - 6.2
7. South Africa - 6
8. Sweden - 5.9
9. Greece - 5.8
10. Germany - 5.7
11. New Zealand - 5.5
12. UK - 5.5
13. Canada - 5.5
14. Spain - 5.5
15. France - 5.3
16. Australia - 5.2
17. Russia - 5.2
18. USA - 5.1
19. Ireland - 5
20. Romania - 5
21. China - 4.3
22. India - 4
23. China - 4
24. Thailand - 4
25. South Korea - 3.8
North Korea - 3.8

September 28, 2012  10 little gestures women wish men would do more of, what is #1?
Blow kisses

September 27, 2012  Members of the clergy, engineers and people of what profession tend to stay married?
Eye doctors

September 26, 2012  #1 reason men won't talk about their feelings with you.
He's insecure

September 25, 2012  Men use up to 95% of this while women use half of it. What is it?
Clothing packed for a vacation.

September 24, 2012  For the low price of $29.95, you can get a kit that restores your what?

September 21, 2012  The #1 movie guys say they like just to hook up with you.
The Notebook

September 20, 2012  What's the precentage of men that have confessed they have had pre-wedding jitters?

August 28, 2012  Women that wanted a bigger engagement ring than what they received, were what percent likely to be divorced after 10 years?

August 24, 2012  What is the number one diet lie women tell?
It was just a small portion.

August 23, 2012  If a man has this look, women think he is smarter.

August 22, 2012  The plowtender washed his hands after Kathy asked him to do this and she was offended.
Rub her feet

August 21, 2012  When is the best time to do that?
Saturday morning

August 20, 2012  The act of what can actually kill a marriage.

August 17, 2012  You’re this percent more beautiful than you think you are to other people.

August 16, 2012  At what age does it go all downhill for men when trying to have baby?
24 years old

August 15, 2012  If you sleep in this position, your sexy dreams will increase.
Sleep on stomach

August 14, 2012  Stressed out guys like this type of woman.
Overweight women

August 13, 2012  What is the number one thing you miss about high school dating?
Passing notes

August 03, 2012  When you have to do this, your decision making is enhanced.

August 02, 2012  Couples who do this together are happier.

August 01, 2012  This is the number two thing he wishes you would brag about when you are talking about him?
His kissing skills

July 31, 2012  Woman may be smarter than men but are more this than men.

July 30, 2012  What percent of American babies were unintended?

July 27, 2012  In a morning show poll, what percent of married women felt guilty about it?

July 26, 2012  Women are more proud of their boobs over this.
Their brains

July 24, 2012  70% of college girls lost their viriginity at what age?

July 23, 2012  Which college has the hottest guys?
Wake Forest University

July 19, 2012  More than 50% of men wish this about their romantic past.
Wish they still were in a previous relationship

July 18, 2012  This costs $849,000.
The cost to be a woman over a lifetime.

July 17, 2012  This is the number one reason the average woman gets mad.
People talk behind their back.

July 16, 2012  60% of women expect husband to take over this.
Her debt.

July 12, 2012  86% of women can tell this with a glance.
If he has money.

July 11, 2012  Men will pay for dinner if their date is this.
They are pretty.

July 10, 2012  What is the most memorable moment in your life?
Your first kiss.

July 09, 2012  If you have one of these three female names, you are likely to be speeding in your car.
Juliette, Justine or Alexis

June 26, 2012  What percent of women are dating out of their league?

June 25, 2012  What percent of people achieve their childhood career goals?

June 22, 2012  What is the number one thing that annoys men about women?
When she says "I'm fine."

June 20, 2012  85% of exes admit to this.
Facebooking stalking you.

June 19, 2012  A short term partner, will look at this.
Your waist.

June 18, 2012  What animal's encounter lasts 3 seconds?

June 15, 2012  90% of a person's personality traits can be determined by this.
Their shoes.

June 14, 2012  The average body has 2-5 pounds of this on it.

June 13, 2012  How much do male strippers make an hour at a bachelorette party?
$200 an hour

June 12, 2012  What is the number one dog to attract a man?
Golden retriever

June 08, 2012  What is the hardest habit to break?

June 06, 2012  12% of women are proud to be seen in this.

June 05, 2012  This profession gossips the most.

June 04, 2012  What is the number one reason men are dumped?
There is someone else

June 01, 2012  At what age do women have the best sex of their lives?

May 31, 2012  What has Justin Bieber named that part?

May 30, 2012  What percent of women's jokes are met with silence?

May 29, 2012  68% of women would give up sex for a month for the perfect this.

May 24, 2012  What is the number one female swinger's name?

May 23, 2012  42% of women say this phrase will get them into bed.
"I love you"

May 21, 2012  Buying this makes you become a jerk.

May 18, 2012  What is the number one word that needs to stop being abused?

May 17, 2012  What percent of people 18-29 have had a relationship with their boss?

May 16, 2012  Talking about this makes you feel just as good as having sex.

May 15, 2012  What shouldn't you do after a fight?
Have make-up sex

May 14, 2012  During the week, when does a woman's libedo peak?
11 pm on Saturday

May 11, 2012  If a woman has sex at least 4 times a week, she could look this much younger.
10 years younger

May 10, 2012  What's the number one way to be foxy to your guy?
Text an occasional foxy picture

May 09, 2012  What is a woman's number one regret from high school?
Her hair style

May 08, 2012  When is the number one time it stinks to be a couple?
When the sexy guy at the bar is flirting with you.

May 07, 2012  At what age does a woman reach her fashion peak?
35 years old

May 04, 2012  Average length of time he carries a torch for you after you have broken up.
1 month

May 03, 2012  The average person falls in love this many times in their life?

May 02, 2012  Couple do this an average of 167 a year in bed.

May 01, 2012  What is the most insulting thing you can call a guy?

April 30, 2012  Women who drive this type of car are most likely to be cheated on.
A Honda

April 27, 2012  A girls spends on average $1695 to be this.
A bridesmaid

April 26, 2012  What is his number one insecurity?
His butt

April 25, 2012  What is the biggest problem large chest women face?
Folding arms across chest

April 24, 2012  If you want to lose a guy in less than 10 minutes, do this.
Chug your drink

April 23, 2012  Men fall in love with women who do not have a problem with this.
Guy time

April 20, 2012  What is the number one silly thing girls worry about on a first date?
Running into her ex.

April 19, 2012  What is the number one task you do for your child that you would like to outsource to a professional?
Cut their fingernails.

April 18, 2012  According to The Notebook of Love, every guy should give his girl a stuff animal, jewlery and this.
His sweatshirt sprayed with his cologne.

April 17, 2012  What is the number one regret in a person's life?
A past love

April 16, 2012  This is going to cost you $1078 on average this year.

April 13, 2012  According to men, a woman kills the mood when they are do this around other women.

April 12, 2012  Guys get this by sleeping next to their wife?

April 11, 2012  Jennifer Love Hewitt uses this to attract men.
Vanilla extract

April 10, 2012  At what age do women wear the shortest miniskirts?
23 years old

April 09, 2012  What percent of women are satisfied with their man's specific body part?

April 06, 2012  If a guy doesn't have this, it is a red flag.
A facebook account

April 04, 2012  Too much of this can make you unhappy.

April 03, 2012  What is the number one benefit of going to a wedding solo?
Meet groomsman and usher

April 02, 2012  If a girl is good, this gives her away.
Her eyes.

March 30, 2012  The most sugar daddies live in this city.

March 29, 2012  He really wants this on you.
Gorgeous hair

March 28, 2012  75% of women and 25% of men snuggle with this.
An article of clothing from significant other.

March 27, 2012  What percent of women felt uncertain about their child's paternity?

March 23, 2012  What is the number one thing science says women are attracted to about a man?
When he doesn't smile.

March 22, 2012  If you are dissatisfied with this, it is the #1 way to determine if you are an easily seduced person.

March 21, 2012  More and more unmarried couples are doing this.
Signing a prenup.

March 16, 2012  What is the number one topic couples fight about?
Not feeling important or valued by the other person

March 15, 2012  According to Glamour magazine, what percent of women have never had the "Big O?"

March 14, 2012  What is the number one secret you should keep from him?
Past hook-ups

March 13, 2012  Men love this type of woman.

March 12, 2012  you can tell if a man is this during your first kiss.
If he is confident.

March 09, 2012  What is the number one reason awkward guys are the best to be with?
They are just nice people.

March 08, 2012  What is the number one thing all women should throw out?
Goal weight clothing

March 06, 2012  Men overestimate their spouse's weight by how many pounds?
10 pounds

March 05, 2012  People spend an average of 44 minutes a week thinking about this.
Their regrets

March 02, 2012  What percent of girls 18-25 would swap IQ points for bigger boobs?

March 01, 2012  43% of women do this daily.
Dirty text.

February 29, 2012  Married couples kiss the most between these anniversaries.
Between their first and second anniversary

February 28, 2012  On avearge, women gain this much weight in the first 6 months of a relationship.
16 pounds

February 27, 2012  What is the number one great thing about having small boobs?
Not having saggy boobs.

February 17, 2012  What is the number one sign a guy is in love with you?
He'll compromise for you.

February 16, 2012  When asked if they would like their spouse smarter or more attractive, 70% of men answered this.

February 15, 2012  What is the number one couples' fight?
You spent how much of that?

February 14, 2012  What is the number one mistake a man can make on Valentine's Day?
Act like Valentine's Day doesn't exist

February 10, 2012  Half of single women carry these in their purse.
Sexy panties

February 09, 2012  On average, a women lies about her weight by this many pounds.
9 pounds

February 07, 2012  What is the number one comfort food women turn to after a break-up?

February 03, 2012  The success to a happy marriage is this.
Hang out with other couples

February 02, 2012  What percent of singles admit to having sex on the first date?

February 01, 2012  What is the number one mistake women make in the bedroom?
Wear comfy clothes.

January 31, 2012  This is the number one smell that is a turn-off for women.

January 30, 2012  Women gain an average of this many pounds after 10 years of marriage.
15 pounds

January 27, 2012  People that dated this many months before getting married are the happiest.
25 months

January 26, 2012  This drink says you are broken up and moving on.
Long Island Ice Tea

January 25, 2012  What is the number one thing a girl does that bugs a guy?
Pretending you don't need us as much as we need you.

January 24, 2012  After this Super Bowl, who will have appeared in the most tv commercials?
Danica Patrick

January 23, 2012  How long does the average fight last with your husband?
1 day

January 19, 2012  What percent of people regret their divorce?

January 17, 2012  29% of husbands are all for their wives doing this.
Getting fake boobs

January 16, 2012  Women lie about this 474 times a year.
Their diet.

January 13, 2012  What percent of married people are jealous of their single friends?

January 12, 2012  Kids who do drugs, drink and are sexually active, are more likely to have this.
A TV in their room.

January 11, 2012  What percent of men have body image issues?

January 10, 2012  What is the number one thing a woman can do to drive a man away?
Be needy or clingy

January 09, 2012  77% of women are jealous about their husband's this.
His close female friend

January 05, 2012  The number one single girl's resolution for 2012 should be to not do this on her first three dates.

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