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December 22, 2009  The number one way a guy can tell if he is coming on too strong is to pay attention to her signals. Name any of those three signals.
Her signals...short curt responses, arms crossed and lack of eye contact.

December 21, 2009  When a women does this body movements towards you, it means she is interested.
Opens her legs.

December 18, 2009  Which young superstar got her first tattoo "Just Breathe."
Miley Cyrus

December 17, 2009  More women remember their first this than their first kiss.
Their first pair of "good" shoes.

December 16, 2009  What is the number one sign she's psychotically jealous?

She gets angry when you look at other women

December 15, 2009  What percent of women marry a man that makes more money?

December 14, 2009  22% of 6-9 year olds have this.
Cell phones

December 11, 2009  What is the number one sign you are made for each other?
You tell each other secrets.

December 10, 2009  This kind of sex is good for you.

December 09, 2009  Women do the dumping what percent of the time?

December 08, 2009  What is the number one mistake women make when they are in love?
They do all of the work.

December 07, 2009  Within 6 seconds of meeting you, a guy notices this.
Your smile

December 04, 2009  Before Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie wanted to go after either one of these two married men.
Bill Clinton or Johnny Depp

December 03, 2009  People in this group have the lowest divorce rate.

December 01, 2009  What is the number one surprising thing men like to do?

November 30, 2009  What percent of skin should a woman show to attract a man?

November 19, 2009  How many days a year does the average family spend fighting?
4 days

November 18, 2009  The only time men buy this for themselves is if the don't have a women to buy it for them.

November 17, 2009  What is the number one legal way to get back at your cheating ex-boyfriend?
Post a bunch of pictures on Facebook of you and your most attractive male friends getting cozy.

November 16, 2009  What is the number one reason men like to date cougars?
They are less complicated.

November 13, 2009  What is the number one sign you've gone too long without sex?
Excessive nervousness

November 12, 2009  According to beautifulpeople.com, which country has the best looking men?

November 11, 2009  What is the number one annoying thing boyfriends do?
Eats all your food and doesn't replace it.

November 10, 2009  What is the number one thing women can't stand that they discovered living with a man?
They make a ton of "manly" noises.

November 09, 2009  25% of people have this is their home and have overpaid for it.
A concert t-shirt

November 06, 2009  What is the number one thing single women hate to hear?
Maybe you're not trying hard enough.

November 05, 2009  What is the number one moral dilemma every married man faces?
Getting together with an ex.

November 04, 2009  24% of people are worried about this on their wedding day.
Getting a pimple

November 03, 2009  10,000 marriages a year result after couples meet doing this...
Getting coffee

November 02, 2009  A-Rod had portraits of himself as a what hanging over his bed.
A centaur

October 29, 2009  The average guy will cancel his gym membership after how long?
2 months

October 28, 2009  A sure sign that a guy likes you is if he touches you this many times in 15 minutes.
5 times

October 27, 2009  What is the number one sign your boss is hitting on you?
He tells you about his life outside of work and constantly asks about yours.

October 26, 2009  What Vegas cliche did Eric experience this past weekend?
Soliciated by a hooker

October 23, 2009  What percent of people think they are the smartest one in their group of friends?

October 22, 2009  Men don't like when women do this.
Play hard to get.

October 21, 2009  What percent of men said that a random hook-up could lead to a long-term relationship?

October 20, 2009  What's the number one sign a guy is single?
Low thread count sheets

October 19, 2009  What is the top regret for people in their 20's and 30's?
Didn't invest in real estate

October 15, 2009  What is the number one thing that makes women unapproachable by men?
They look angry.

October 14, 2009  The number one way to get more energy is to change your _____ ?

October 13, 2009  How long on average do blondes take to get ready?
72 minutes

October 12, 2009  What percent of people have thought of quitting their job because of an annoying co-worker?

October 09, 2009  What's the number one reason he broke up with you?
He got bored.

October 08, 2009  What is the number one way to pretend you are listening to your girlfriend?
Blink frequently

October 07, 2009  Who said he is going to work out 6 times a week before he poses for Playgirl?
Levi Johnston

October 06, 2009  What is the number one thing you should never criticize on a women?
Her weight

October 05, 2009  The number one tip for dressing for a first date...there is such a thing as too -----.

October 02, 2009  What is the stupidest thing guys like?
Turning Everything Into a Competition

October 01, 2009  What is the number one thing moms should teach their sons?
Pick your battles.

September 30, 2009  Men from this country are "too quick" in the bedroom.

September 29, 2009  In general, tall people are more _______.

September 28, 2009  What's the best way to meet a sugar daddy?
Shop where rich people shop

September 25, 2009  What's the number one way to get your guy to listen to you?
Avoid eye contact

September 24, 2009  What percent of men would sleep with a woman they didn't like?

September 23, 2009  What percent of US employees admit to having gone to work with a hangover?

September 22, 2009  What's the average amount of time a woman can keep a secret?
47 hours

September 18, 2009  How much does the average divorce cost?

September 17, 2009  Why do guys go for crazy chicks?
Guys figure she's probably crazy in bed, too.

September 16, 2009  What percent of couples say their marriage was stronger before children?

September 15, 2009  What percent of women have nakes pictures of their ex?

September 14, 2009  What are the top two reasons women have sex?
To keep the peace and relieve boredom.

September 09, 2009  A diet high in fat makes you these two things.
Stupid and lazy

August 27, 2009  What is the number one reason he didn't ask you out on a second date?
He's too shy.

August 26, 2009  A boy exposed to high levels of estrogen in the womb has what facial feature?
Puffy lips

August 25, 2009  Who is the most dangerous celebrity to search on the internet?
Jessica Biel

August 24, 2009  27% of people own one of these.
Concert t-shirt

August 20, 2009  What percent of women who posted to an online dating site considered using it for a no-strings-attached pregnancy?

August 19, 2009  Who does Alicia Silverstone say she picked up the habit of gardening in the nude from?
Woody Harrelson

August 18, 2009  What is the number one annoying thing that guys do on Facebook?
Hides his relationship status.

August 14, 2009  The average person does this an average of 3 times in 10 minutes.
Tell a lie.

August 13, 2009  What does it mean when a guys says he doesn't believe in marriage?
Not going to marry YOU.

August 12, 2009  What is the number one dating mistake men make?
When they show off.

August 11, 2009  What percent of people think a woman should take the man's last name when they get married?

August 10, 2009  What is the number one sign a guy is going to be a good boyfriend?
He notices her moods.

August 07, 2009  What is the number one sign a woman is into you?
She is running late for a date but still puts on all her makeup.

August 06, 2009  What percent of women consider themselves hot?

August 05, 2009  If you do this during sex, it actually means you are turned on.

August 04, 2009  The average guy spends how many minutes a day ogling ten different women?
43 minutes

August 03, 2009  What percent of women have had more than 20 partners?

July 31, 2009  What percent of women have kissed or groped another woman?

July 30, 2009  What is the number one way to make your guy smile?
Touch his arm.

July 29, 2009  What makes women horny?
Red wine

July 28, 2009  What is the number one way to keep your man happy?
Keep yourself up.

July 27, 2009  What is macrophilia?
Having a bizarre attraction to giants.

July 24, 2009  What's the number one sign he is about to propose?
He's extra helpful.

July 23, 2009  What is the number one mistake men make after sex?
They roll over and go to sleep.

July 22, 2009  What is the number one reason he is not affectionate?
He's not sure how he feels about the relationship.

July 21, 2009  Couples who do this together are more likely to be happy.
Attend sporting events.

July 20, 2009  What percent of women have regretted marrying their husband at some point?

July 16, 2009  A hubby at least this many years older than his wife is twice as likely to get divorced.
9 years

July 15, 2009  A women spends an average of 287 days doing this.
Deciding what to wear

July 13, 2009  What is the average age boys saw non-family topless?
15 years old

July 10, 2009  What is the number one sex myth men believe?
The only good sex is spontaneous sex.

July 09, 2009  What is the number one reason to date older men?
They are experienced but not fatherly.

July 08, 2009  Which Hollywood actress turned down a role in "The Hangover?"
Lindsay Lohan

July 07, 2009  What is the number one male body turnoff to women?
Beer belly

July 06, 2009  What does the average American rate their sex life?

June 26, 2009  Which US airport is the number one for a love connection?
Philadelphia International Airport

June 25, 2009  Men who groom their body hair are more likely to be this in bed

June 23, 2009  What percent of engagement rings cost more than $15,000?

June 22, 2009  Last year in Louisiana 100,000 of these sold, this year not a single one has sold.
Gator skins

June 19, 2009  Women are 10 times more likely to do this naked.
Clean the house

June 18, 2009  What is the top thing that is really not cool?

June 17, 2009  What physical characteristic of a male makes him more inclined to have road rage?
Wide face

June 15, 2009  47% of adults do this once a week, 32% do this everyday.
Call your parents

June 12, 2009  This actor said, "She's a catalog of old hip-hop tunes – it's incredible. And she looks terrific naked." about his co-star.
Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock

June 11, 2009  The average man gains this amount of sympathy weight during their wife's pregnancy.

14 pounds

June 10, 2009  41% of women do this to their body at least three times a day.
Apply body or hand lotion.

June 09, 2009  What is the number one average, household item used as a prop in the bedroom?
A Flashlight

June 08, 2009  What percent of women said they would adopt on their own if the right man never came along?

June 05, 2009  These two activities increase your desire for love.
Yoga and acupuncture

June 04, 2009  Men who take big ______ have two times as many partners.
Financial Risks

June 03, 2009  9.3 million people have this with a phrase "Boy Toy."
Vanity plates

June 02, 2009  31% of women say this is a substitute for a boyfriend.
The internet

June 01, 2009  College girls with low intimacy levels are more likely to what?

May 29, 2009  Women hear the most clearly when they are ______ or ______?
Gossiping or eavesdropping

May 28, 2009  What is the latest product Brooke Shields is endorsing?
Latisse, a prescription eyelash growth drug

May 27, 2009  What percent of men think it's sexy when a woman swears?

May 26, 2009  What percent of women want a younger man?

May 22, 2009  Mary Kay Letourneau is hosting a bar night with what theme?
"Hot for Teacher"

May 21, 2009  A recent poll reveals that 65% of coworkers have done this together.

May 20, 2009  What is 11:45 am on Tuesday?
Most stressful time of the week

May 19, 2009  Bill Clinton had his hand on who's butt?
Fran Drescher

May 15, 2009  Where is the worst place to place a note of motivation to exercise?
On your note-covered refrigerator

May 14, 2009  You do this 75% more in a group.

May 13, 2009  Rumor has it that this celebrity is making drunken calls to his ex-wife.
Brad Pitt calling Jennifer Aniston

May 12, 2009  Women worry more about this than their health.
Their looks

May 11, 2009  What's the number one reason why summer is a single gal's best season?
She can have a summer fling!

May 08, 2009  What's the number one thing your guy doesn't want to hear about your ex?
Everyone loved him.

May 07, 2009  What percent of men admit to having faked a blue ribbon?

May 06, 2009  A Clemson University study found you're more likely to be sickened by this dip than by other dips.

May 05, 2009  What are the odds of being pulled over by a cop in 2009 if you are male?
One in five.

May 04, 2009  According to scientists, women's breasts can bounce how many inches during exercise?
8 inches

May 01, 2009  What percent of people say they are actually friends with their facebook friends?

April 30, 2009  A female high school student beat two muggers with what?
A baton.

April 29, 2009  According to a recent survey, 16% of men are so uncomfortable in this that they won't wear it in public.
bathing suit

April 28, 2009  What is the number one way to tell your girl she is gaining a little weight?
Buy her clothes that you know are too small for her.

April 23, 2009  Women who read what have twice as many partners.
Romance novels

April 22, 2009  Dishabiliophobia is the fear of what?
Fear of undressing in front of someone.

April 21, 2009  This in a yearbook photo, predicts a successful marriage.

April 20, 2009  What percent of women say they try not to seem too brainy when talking to a guy?

April 17, 2009  Jennifer Aniston wants a baby and rumor has it that she has decided who she wants the baby with...which celeb is it?
David Schwimmer

April 16, 2009  What are women willing to do for a job advancement?
Cosmetic surgery

April 15, 2009  Men take more chances when the are what?
Around hot women.

April 10, 2009  At what age do guys think they need to grow-up?
30 yrs old

April 09, 2009  What percent of men who have spent $100 a year at strip clubs spent less than that on their girls' birthday presents?

April 08, 2009  What is the #1 thing your man is hiding from you?
His friends are dogs.

April 07, 2009  The average man would pay $2000 for a date with which celebrity?
Scarlett Johansson

April 06, 2009  What is the number one thing single people hate to hear?
If you say, "Get back out there."

April 03, 2009  If you want to curb a woman's spending, take away her credit cards 10 days before this.
Her period.

April 02, 2009  Dr. David Holmes is a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University claims this female name is the happiest name.

April 01, 2009  What is the number one trait to bag a boyfriend according to Cosmo?
You're just that into your self, self-confidence.

March 31, 2009  This celeb's ex-husband has been revealing some very intimate details about the couple’s past.
Jenny McCarthy

March 30, 2009  What is the number one thing men don't want their women to do?
Gain weight

March 27, 2009  What takes 8.2 seconds for a man to do?

Fall in love

March 26, 2009  Name any of the 5 times you shouldn't text him.
1. After your first few dates
2. When you're drunk
3. When you're angry.
4. When you're trying to be funny
5. When you've already texted him that day

March 25, 2009  53% of women would rather check this than get romantic.

March 24, 2009  49% of women expect a man to do this after the first date.

March 23, 2009  A new survey found that the average woman goes on out with how many guys to find Mr Right.


March 20, 2009  What is the biggest turn off for women?
Getting drunk and believing you are cooler than you really are.

March 19, 2009  When Kid Rock was singing the seventh-inning stretch, instead of saying "Let's get some runs!" he said what?
Let's get some lunch!

March 18, 2009  Guys like to be friends with girls who make.........
wise cracks.

March 13, 2009  Which Chicago celebrity's home is currently for rent for $9500 a month?
Vince Vaughn

March 12, 2009  According to a new survey from OkCupid, which state has the kinkiest women?
New York

March 11, 2009  According to a recent survey, what percent of women say they make more than their guy?

March 10, 2009  According to a recent list, which celebrity has aged the most miserably?
Al Pacino

March 09, 2009  A chemist in Vienna discovered that there is a certain type of body hair responsible for directing this where?
Lint into your belly button

March 06, 2009  An unhappy marriage does damage to a woman's what?

March 05, 2009  In this down economy, people are having more of these.

March 04, 2009  What percent of people admit to being a victim of textual harassment?

March 03, 2009  What is the number one reason a nice guy doesn't call her back after a date?
She said too much.

March 02, 2009  What percent of Americans get married for love?

February 27, 2009  Women are more likely to die a week before their what?
Their birthday

February 26, 2009  What percent of people would make-out with their boss for a raise?

February 25, 2009  Which professionals do people trust the least?
Actors, musicians, journalists and advertisers

February 24, 2009  What sin do women struggle with the most?

February 23, 2009  Former President George W. Bush was offered a job at this type of store.
As a greeter at Elliott's Hardware

February 12, 2009  This emotion is compared to a drug addiction according to neuroscientists.
Romantic love

February 11, 2009  Studies show that one-third of people in their 30's do this with their hands.
Write notes on them

February 10, 2009  According to a recent survery, 79% of people said that the economy is not having an impact on this part of their life.
Sex life

February 09, 2009  What's the number one reason guys prefer to be single?
They can do what they want, when they want.

February 06, 2009  According to Pagesix, which celeb couple was recently in Tampa playing blackjack when this was overheard..."Have you seen the Hard Rock Girls calendar?" According to an onlooker, this celeb told the guy he hadn't because he didn't want to make his wife mad. She responded with I don't care if you look at that thing.
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

February 05, 2009  78% of men admit that they have checked out women here.

February 04, 2009  What percent of affairs happen with the wife next door?

February 03, 2009  Women have more of these than men.

February 02, 2009  According to Glamour, what is the number one beauty look that freaks him out?
Super-size hair

January 30, 2009  What is the ideal number of friends to have on Facebook to be socially attractive?

January 28, 2009  The Wisconsin Supreme Court said this sport in now considered a contact sport.

January 27, 2009  According to a recent survey, what percent of adult couples act out their fantasies?

January 26, 2009  What is the #1 thing he wants from you according to msn?
Your backing when he takes a risk.

January 23, 2009  According to eHarmony, what is the number one sign a guy is in to you?
He calls for no reason

January 22, 2009  According to a Glamour survey, only what percent of men would be with Brad Pitt if it meant that they could then be with Angelina Jolie.


January 21, 2009  Cher was named one of spike.com's most overrated singers...name any of the other 6.
Amy Winehouse, Bono, Mick Jagger, Christina Aguilera, Chris Martin and Axl Rose.

January 20, 2009  Who said "If I'm the Secretary of State, does that mean I get to wear a secretary outfit?"
Katy Perry

January 19, 2009  Sasha and Malia Obama beat this person at ping pong backstage at The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Nick Jonas

January 16, 2009  What did Steve Carell recently purchase?
The Marshfield Hills General Store

January 15, 2009  With the bad ecomony, couples are doing this less?
Getting a divorce

January 14, 2009  What is the number one sign you are about to get dumped?
He is no longer interested in sex.

January 13, 2009  What is the number one type of girl men avoid in the dating world?
The flirty-bird

January 12, 2009  Which U.S. city has the highest percentage of single, never married men?

January 09, 2009  What is the number one thing to keep in mind before you move in together?
Love doesn't always last forever.

January 08, 2009  This person burns more calories than someone who doesn't do this.
A snorer

January 07, 2009  A recent study suggests that the higher a woman's IQ the more likely she is this.

January 06, 2009  A man who puts this on his hot dog is never getting married.

January 05, 2009  Where did Eric finally give in and go with his family over the holidays?
American Girl Place

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