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The Eric & Kathy podcast, sponsored by Fifth Third Bank, features daily highlights from the morning show on 101.9fm THE MIX WTMX Chicago. Prepare to be dazzled, engaged, perhaps informed but at the least, entertained.

To listen, you can either DOWNLOAD the podcasts, or SUBSCRIBE to the podcasts.

Simply choose one from the links below. You can then listen right on your computer using Windows Media Player, iTunes or any other MP3 software program such as WinAmp:

Podcast on: 10-31-2014 - Halloween Special
Podcast on: 10-30-2014 - Give Him Praise and Crazy Thoughts
Podcast on: 10-30-2014 - Haunted Kathy and Crazy Thoughts
Podcast on: 10-29-2014 - Joey McIntyre and Is This A Date
Podcast on: 10-28-2014 - Chicago Bear Matt Slauson
Podcast on: 10-28-2014 - Bears Matt Slauson
Podcast on: 10-27-2014 - You Got a Ticket and Car Over Foot
Podcast on: 10-24-2014 - Jason Schwartzman and Kris Jenner
Podcast on: 10-23-2014 - Jessie Tyler Ferguson and My Boring Life
Podcast on: 10-22-2014 - Brother Made Me Do It and Kathy Noises
Podcast on: 10-21-2014 - Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Sharp
Podcast on: 10-20-2014 - Chicago Bear Matt Slauson and Pop Outs
Podcast on: 10-17-2014 - Conceal and Carry Party and ET's Kevin Fraizer
Podcast on: 10-16-2014 - Dad Owes You Money and Books You Read
Podcast on: 10-15-2014 - Look You Like and Calm Down
Podcast on: 10-14-2014 - Chicago Bear Matt Slauson and I Love You
Podcast on: 10-14-2014 - Flight Secrets and Size of Grapes
Podcast on: 10-10-2014 - My Hick Life and Used Caskets
Podcast on: 10-09-2014 - Getting Older and Squishy Squishy
Podcast on: 10-08-2014 - Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Sharp
Podcast on: 10-07-2014 - Turn Ons and Still Married Them
Podcast on: 10-06-2014 - Robert Downey Jr
Podcast on: 10-03-2014 - Blackhawks Coach Q
Podcast on: 10-02-2014 - Scary Nights and Eagerly Naked Guy
Podcast on: 10-01-2014 - Daddy Girl and Plan B Man
Podcast on: 09-30-2014 - Relative in Jail and You Crazy
Podcast on: 09-29-2014 - Chicago Bear Matt Slauson
Podcast on: 09-26-2014 - Eric and Kathy - 20G Selfie Broadcast
Podcast on: 09-25-2014 - Bad Girls and Downer Dogs
Podcast on: 09-25-2014 - Bad Girls and Doggie Downers
Podcast on: 09-24-2014 - Life Coach and I Feel Sexy

You can have a sampling of the Eric & Kathy Morning Show uploaded automatically to your iPod or MP3 player by subscribing to our RSS feed. All you have to do is set up the feed once, and then your computer can go and fetch it every weekday. Again, this is for more than just iPod owners, anyone with an MP3 player can access this content.

How do you do it?

You'll need some "stuff," all of which will cost you nothing. First, you need an RSS Feeder. That's a software program that lets you subscribe to feeds offered by websites. For podcasts, we suggest you download iPodder, though you can also use another application, all of which are available here. They're FREE and built specifically for podcast RSS feeds. The website for iPodder offers more explanation.

Once you have downloaded and installed iPodder or another audio RSS feed reader simply copy and paste the url below into the subscriptions window of your podcast client.:


You'll then be subscribed and the audio will begin downloading.

Still confused? Try some of these links, then come back and give it a try.

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