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The WEEKEND of 12/20/14
Posted:Saturday, 12/20/2014 at 10:12am
Taylor Swift Covers 'Riptide' From Vance Joy

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FRIDAY 12/19/14
Posted:Friday, 12/19/2014 at 06:12pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report
'Griz...WHAT?' - A strip club in Federal Heights, Colorado won a holiday decoration contest.

The club took home first place among businesses participating in a holiday lighting contest in the city.

The business was awarded $100 but gave the money to a children's toy fund.

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Thursday 12/18/14
Posted:Thursday, 12/18/2014 at 02:12pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report
'Shop(lift) With a Cop' - A lack of intelligence took place in Kentucky when a 26-year old woman was at a local Walmart with her son to take part in the annual 'Shop with a Cop' event where disadvantaged kids are given money to go shopping with an officer for Christmas presents for family and friends.

During the event, store security noticed this woman's jacket seemed to be getting bigger. She wasn't swelling with pride, she was swelling with earrings and jewelry that she was shoplifting and putting under her coat.

No need to call 911 when your stores filled with cops, they just went over aisle 6, grabbed an officer and the woman was arrested and charged with theft

Ingrid Michaelson Covers Taylor Swift

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Wednesday 12/17/14
Posted:Wednesday, 12/17/2014 at 02:12pm
'Tis the Season To Be An ANGRY Bears Fan.

The Lack of Intelligence Report
'That's NOT Gonna Slide' - A passenger who was in a hurry to get off a flight in China decided that deploying the emergency slide at the gate would help him get off the aircraft first. He was wrong.

Ed Sheeran Performs 'Thinking Out Loud' on The Voice finale

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Tuesday 12/16/14
Posted:Tuesday, 12/16/2014 at 02:12pm
Jason Derulo Covers Lorde's 'Royals'

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Thursday 12/11/14
Posted:Thursday, 12/11/2014 at 06:12pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report
Roadside Emergen-See you in Court - A lack of intelligence took place in New Jersey when a 26-year old woman had some car trouble.
Her 2009 G6 broke down in the center lane of traffic just after 6pm, (not a good time for that)

She did the right thing though, she called police, told 'em her car broke down and was messing up traffic.

Police came out to give her some assistance and then one officers thought, SNIFF – what's that smell.
They began to search the car and found marijuana and drug paraphernalia –

The woman was arrested, charged with possession of a controlled substance, but she was able to snag a ride ride – directly to jail.

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Wednesday 12/10/14
Posted:Wednesday, 12/10/2014 at 02:12pm

Ellie Goulding Performs in a 600 sq/ft Dress!
Ellie Goulding just performed at the London Palladium and wore a 600 square foot dress.

It took three people five days to construct the incredible dress, which featured a lace embellished corset top with a long white train, and had a circumference of over 108 feet.
Click Here to see it!

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Tuesday 12/9/14
Posted:Tuesday, 12/09/2014 at 04:12pm
'The Raccoon Whisper-ER' - A football player for the University of Nebraska was bit by a raccoon while taking a photo with the animal.

The player tweeted he was bit in the leg a few seconds after taking the photo.

The player tweeted that night he had rabies and referred to himself as “THE RACCOON WHISPERER.”

He deleted both messages.

Gifts For Kids of Parents You Can't Stand This Holiday Season

Here are ten gifts to give the kids of parents you just can’t stand for Christmas.

1. Rainbow Loom- This game allows boys and girls to make bigger and bigger bracelets using rubber bands. Eventually parents will have to pick up the countless rubber bands that aren’t used.

2. Lego’s- Get a Lego set that is about three years above the child’s age. Not only will parents have to pick up the leftover Legos, they will have to assemble them as well.

3. Voice Changer- It will entertain kids for hours and annoy their parents at the same time.

4. Glitter- This gift by itself is too obvious so make it part of an art set that includes scissors, paper and glue.

5. Musical Hand Bells- The noise will drive the parents insane plus kids will use it when they want a snack or share they are bored.

6. Moon Dough- Unlike Play-doh, it never dries out.

7. Build-a-Bear gift certificate- The initial gift card may get the bear but the parent will be forced to buy all the accessories.

8. Be Amazing Gravity Goo- The chemistry kit requires adult supervision and makes goo.

9. Rubik’s 360- This toy is more difficult than the original rubik’s cube with balls that need to be put in certain holes and continue to move as you try to position others.

10. A Collection Of Joke Books- What’s more annoying than kids delivering jokes when they don’t understand the punchline?

The Lack of Intelligence Report

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  1. What happens on the show, stays on the show.
  2. I always answer my own phone.
  3. If a guy says something stupid, he's put into the "Listener Protection Program".
  4. This rule does not apply to women, they're smarter.
  5. Nobody is too young / Nobody is too old.
  6. No Lindsay Lohan, or Lisa Marie Presley Songs.
  7. This rule will be revised when somebody proves that they can sing.
  8. Calls from Indiana are subject to "humor".
  9. Calls from Wisconsin are subject to "stereo-type".
  10. I must help you waste time at work with "Kill A Half Hour".
  11. All Friday email (due to the weekend) must be sent in "ALL CAPS".
  12. I must say "Sorry" every night at 6:50pm.

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