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Tuesday 1/27/15
Posted:Tuesday, 01/27/2015 at 02:01pm
Nick Jonas is coming to Fox!
Nick Jonas is joining the cast of 'Scream Queens' on FOX this fall with Lea Michelle, Ariana Grande and more.

Monday 1/26/15
Posted:Monday, 01/26/2015 at 04:01pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report ♫ I once got money in a Burger King drive-thru ♫ - A woman in New Hampshire got a surprise when she grabbed her order in a Burger King drive-thru. Instead of her spicy chicken sandwich, she was given the $2,600 BK bank deposit.

Mark Ronson on InstagramClick Here to check out his upload funk!

Behind the Scenes of Top Gear with Ed Sheeran
Click Here to watch Ed lose control of a brand new car.

The WEEKEND of 1/24/15
Posted:Saturday, 01/24/2015 at 11:01am
Taylor Swift Follows 19 Fans on Tumblr - Then They Waste Food
To show how overjoyed they were when Taylor Swift started to follow them on Tumblr, 19 of her fans cracked eggs on their heads and posted a video of it.

Tumblr fan Swiftly-Daydream posted the video of all 19 fans crushing eggs on their heads, set to Taylor’s song "Wonderland".

The post said: "[Hey] taylorswift so we promised to crack eggs on our heads if you followed all 19 of the eggheads on tumblr so here you go!"

Taylor herself responded:

"Cutest People Ever Seen Throughout the Land: HAHAHA MY STOMACH HURTS FROM THE LOLZ. You didn't have to do it but I'm so glad you did. These are 19 of the cutest people I've ever seen”

FRIDAY 1/23/15
Posted:Friday, 01/23/2015 at 02:01pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report A Canadian diver/photographer went on an underwater whale expedition and got caught in a sperm whale's 'POOPNADO!'

Blake Shelton Calls Out Adam Levine in SNL Promos

Thursday 1/22/15
Posted:Thursday, 01/22/2015 at 02:01pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report
An 18-year-old Australian man was rescued after he got stuck in a nightclub vent. The drunken teen got into the club twice but was kicked out both times.

He crawled through the vent to get in a third time but go stuck. Cops were called when other patrons heard the man yelling for help.

The teen has to pay a $900 fine, $1,200 for damage to the roof and $500 because emergency crews were called.

Ed Sheeran on VH1 Storytellers LIVE on Saturday
Ed will be LIVE from Dublin during VH1 Storytellers on Saturday night.Get all the details here!

Wednesday 1/21/15
Posted:Wednesday, 01/21/2015 at 02:01pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report
A lack of intelligence took place in Middletown, New York on Monday when a woman left her 48-year old husband at home – she thought he'd spend the day renovating their home.

When she came home later in the day, she saw that he had a change of plans. HE BULLDOZED the house, with all her stuff in it – without telling her.

He allegedly tried to get a permit, but the offices were closed for MLK Day

He also says he tried calling his wife, before bulldozing, but she never picked up the phone.

He was arrested for criminal mischief and will be in court next week – The wife is staying with friends.

Ed Sheeran ♫ Screeching Out Loud! ♫
Even though he doesn't have a drivers license, Ed Sheeran took the Top Gear Challenge. He did a lap in a in an automatic Vauxhall Astra and he was all over the place. Watch the video

Milky Chance Covers Taylor Swift

Fall Out Boy Violated the Rules with 'Centuries'

Tuesday 1/20/15
Posted:Tuesday, 01/20/2015 at 05:01pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report
An 18-year-old girl fell out of a moving car while twerking on the vehicle's passenger side with the door wide open in Georgia.

She squatted on the car's passenger side and danced away, but seconds later she lost her balance and plummeting toward the ground. She survived, and so did the video.

E.T. Shows up in a Tree Trunk
A Scottish hotel owner chopped down a tree for firewood and ended up finding E.T's face in the rings of the tree. Click Here to see E... Tree...

Monday 1/19/15
Posted:Monday, 01/19/2015 at 02:01pm
The Voice is coming to Chicago
The Voice will be holding auditions at Navy Pier on 2/21-2/22 for the new season. Click Here for audition info.

Ariana Grande coming to FOX!
Ariana Grande will have a recurring role in the new FOX series 'Scream Queens' this fall. Lea Michele will star in it and Ryan Murphy is behind it all. Click Here for the show info!

FRIDAY 1/16/15
Posted:Friday, 01/16/2015 at 02:01pm
Did You Hear Ed Sheeran's NEW Tune on Cougar Town?

Taylor Swift Slippin' Drinks?
Did Taylor Swift slip a drink to Lorde at The Golden Globe Awards? Click Here for the story.

Thursday 1/15/15
Posted:Thursday, 01/15/2015 at 06:01pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report
Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi and QVC host Jane Treacy try to figure out if the moon is a planet or a star.

  1. What happens on the show, stays on the show.
  2. I always answer my own phone.
  3. If a guy says something stupid, he's put into the "Listener Protection Program".
  4. This rule does not apply to women, they're smarter.
  5. Nobody is too young / Nobody is too old.
  6. No Lindsay Lohan, or Lisa Marie Presley Songs.
  7. This rule will be revised when somebody proves that they can sing.
  8. Calls from Indiana are subject to "humor".
  9. Calls from Wisconsin are subject to "stereo-type".
  10. I must help you waste time at work with "Kill A Half Hour".
  11. All Friday email (due to the weekend) must be sent in "ALL CAPS".
  12. I must say "Sorry" every night at 6:50pm.

Tuesday 1/27/15:

Start to finish, tt takes about 2 minutes to complete this. What is it?

Click here to find out

If you ever miss an answer, text the word Koz to The Mobile Mix @ 60123 after 4pm Mon-Fri.

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