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FRIDAY 3/6/15
Posted:Friday, 03/06/2015 at 03:03pm
A New and Different Toy Story?
Toy Story 4 - A romantic comedy? Pixar’s president shared plans for "Toy Story 4", which will not just be picking up where "Toy Story 3" left off.

He explained, "It will be a love story. It will be a romantic comedy. It will not put much focus on the interaction between the characters and children. I think it will be a very good movie."

He also commented on how many fans don’t believe that "Toy Story 3" can be topped, and said, “This movie is not part of this trilogy. It is a separate story, which in turn I do not know if [it] will be continued. Never begin a project with that in mind."

He also confirmed what the studio promised about the movie, saying that they'd be writing "a new chapter" for the beloved characters.

Did You See Hozier on Fallon Last Night?
Click Here to watch him perform 'Work Song'

Ed Sheeran - The Actor
Ed SHeeran will make his acting debut in a Bollywood blockbuster. The sequel to 'Happy New Year'
Click Here for the details

Tuesday 3/3/15
Posted:Tuesday, 03/03/2015 at 02:03pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report
A lack of intelligence took place in Michigan when a U of M frat and sorority destroyed a ski lodge. The damage - close to $500,000.

Taylor Swift Has A Way With Kids
Parents should forget about everything they've learned over the years about getting a baby to stop crying.

In a video that’s going viral, a six-month-old baby is agitated and crying.

Monday 3/2/15
Posted:Monday, 03/02/2015 at 03:03pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report
A lack of intelligence took place in New York state when a 56-year old man was ticketed for placing a wooden figure in his passenger seat so he could use the carpool lane.

He tried to hide the wood by putting a hoodie on the figure.

The man told cops he wanted to make it to work on time.

He was tickets for an occupancy violation and speeding.

FRIDAY 2/27/15
Posted:Friday, 02/27/2015 at 02:02pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report A lack of intelligence took place in Stuart, Florida when a 19-year old man called 911 because he wanted to test their response time.

He reported two black males were shooting at each other. About halfway through the call he hung up when the dispatcher asked for more information. He told cops he hung up because he realized he made a mistake.

He was charged with misusing 911 and violated his probation.

Kelly Clarkson's BIGGEST Secret?
Kelly Clarkson's new album comes out next week and during a recent interview about music and life in general, she told TIME that she will never tell her daughter about 'From Justin to Kelly'
Click Here for the interview.

Thursday 2/26/15
Posted:Thursday, 02/26/2015 at 02:02pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report
A movie theater in Loveland, Colorado accidentally showed “50 Shades of Grey” instead of the “SpongeBob” movie.

Parents and their kids got a shock when they went to see "The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water" but instead the erotic movie started showing instead.

Some parents got their kids out of there, but the theater noticed the mistake right away. The screen went blank then children's movie trailers started showing.

Sam Smith is Annoyed
Sam Smith won a couple Britt Awards last night in London. However, he's still waiting to get the 4 Grammys he won back on February 8th.
Click Here for the story.

Wednesday 2/25/15
Posted:Wednesday, 02/25/2015 at 02:02pm
UPDATE: Taylor Swift's Belly Button
Taylor Swift recently showed off her belly button for the first time and now has let it be known that you will not be allowed to make any money off of it.
Click Here for the story.

Tuesday 2/24/15
Posted:Tuesday, 02/24/2015 at 03:02pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report :
A lack of intelligence took place in London when a man cursed out another man during the morning rush hour. The two of them ran into each other a few hours later at the 'F-Bomber's' job interview.

A Starbucks Ariana Grande
The folks over at BuzzFeed decided to have a staffer go to a Starbucks and try to order an ‘Ariana Grande’… and the baristas pulled it off.

Without missing a beat, the cashier yelled to a barista to create an Ariana Grande drink. She shouted back she would make something with “extra everything” because she thinks Ariana would want it that way.

The recipe is as follows:

The Ariana Grande

• Start with the base of a grande-sized “Cotton Candy Frappuccino” (which is a vanilla bean and raspberry Frappuccino from Starbucks’ secret menu).
• Add extra mocha syrup.
• Add extra mocha chips.
• Blend.
• Top with extra whipped cream.
• Finish with a generous caramel drizzle.

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Run From Police
Taylor and Ed ended up at a post-Grammy party being held in Mark Ronson's hotel room. Things got out of control, the cops were called and Taylor grabbed Ed Sheeran's hand and said, 'Cops are here, come with me!'

They ended up hiding out in the bathroom.
Click Here for the story.

Monday 2/23/15
Posted:Monday, 02/23/2015 at 06:02pm
A lack of intelligence took place in Arizona when a prank caller tricked Circle K employees into destroying their store:

Two (gullible) employees at a Circle K convenience store in Arizona caused $30,000 in damages by following orders of a prank caller.

A person posed as the store’s corporate security claiming a silent fire alarm went off and gave instructions on how to contain the incident.

The employees were told to use fire extinguishers-- and then throw them through the windows.

They were also told to destroy computers, registers, merchandise and security TVs.

The incident occurred with two or three people shopping. The store was shut down for 12 hours but opened with the windows boarded.

It’s unlikely the employees will face charges but it wasn’t known if they will keep their jobs.

The caller hasn't been found.

The WEEKEND of 2/21/15
Posted:Saturday, 02/21/2015 at 01:02pm
The Lack of Intelligence Report A lack of intelligence took place in Colorado when a movie theater mixed up 50 Shades of Grey with Spongebob: The Movie.

Thursday 2/19/15
Posted:Thursday, 02/19/2015 at 02:02pm
Hozier: Before the 'Man Bun'
Hozier is playing his sold out Mix Concert Event at The Riv on Wednesday night, but he hasn't always had the man bun.Click Here for Hozier #TBT.

  1. What happens on the show, stays on the show.
  2. I always answer my own phone.
  3. If a guy says something stupid, he's put into the "Listener Protection Program".
  4. This rule does not apply to women, they're smarter.
  5. Nobody is too young / Nobody is too old.
  6. No Lindsay Lohan, or Lisa Marie Presley Songs.
  7. This rule will be revised when somebody proves that they can sing.
  8. Calls from Indiana are subject to "humor".
  9. Calls from Wisconsin are subject to "stereo-type".
  10. I must help you waste time at work with "Kill A Half Hour".
  11. All Friday email (due to the weekend) must be sent in "ALL CAPS".
  12. I must say "Sorry" every night at 6:50pm.

Thursday 3/5/15:

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