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  1. What happens on the show, stays on the show.
  2. I always answer my own phone.
  3. If a guy says something stupid, he's put into the "Listener Protection Program".
  4. This rule does not apply to women, they're smarter.
  5. Nobody is too young / Nobody is too old.
  6. No Lindsay Lohan, or Lisa Marie Presley Songs.
  7. This rule will be revised when somebody proves that they can sing.
  8. Calls from Indiana are subject to "humor".
  9. Calls from Wisconsin are subject to "stereo-type".
  10. I must help you waste time at work with "Kill A Half Hour".
  11. All Friday email (due to the weekend) must be sent in "ALL CAPS".
  12. I must say "Sorry" every night at 6:50pm.

Thursday 7/24/14:

90% of women say there is NO second date if this happens during the first. What is it?

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