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Nights of Style is back! Join Melissa as she hosts monthly Nights of Style events in the city and suburbs around Chicago. Check back for details and to register for the next "Night of Style" event! Sponsored by Diet Pepsi. LOVE every sip!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

My name is Leslie Forrester, sometimes known as "The Wrinkle Fairy" and I'll be your beauty expert for WTMX's Nights of Style.

Mommy Makeover

Having children is a wonderful experience but the process can be difficult on a woman's body. Even after losing your baby weight you can still have fat in areas that you didn't have before. There's also stretch marks, spider veins, cellulite, loose skin and of course saggy breasts.

At the Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute, we understand your wanting to restore your body back to where it once was. Breast augmentation and lifts are commonly performed on women after childbirth.

Liposuction or cool sculpting are used to remove new unwanted fatty areas where diet and exercise just are not working. Special lasers remove spider veins and diminish stretch marks, plus new technology such as Viora can lift and firm sagging skin anywhere on your body.

If you are a mom who now has a little bundle of joy in the house, but you can't figure out where your figure went in the process, you can be helped easily, safely, and affordably at the Liposuction Institute. So don't give up, just come in, having a baby doesn't mean you have to lose your body, and all the clothes you love in your closet.

Leslie Forrester, the Wrinkle Fairy and Beauty Advisor to The MIX

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