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I'm the Only One That Never Knew ____!

Posted: 2013-03-07 10:52 AM
I'm the only one who didn't know Keith Urban was Australian until he spoke on TV.

That Santa in "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus" was the father dressed like Santa - I actually said to my wife - what kind of lessons is this song teaching?

I didn't know the singer Andrea Bocelli was blind. I just thought he sang with his eyes shut.

I didn't know that St.Louis was in Missouri until Whip said it.

That “gapers” isn't an exit - there's always a “gapers delay”, so I figured it was a busy exit or intersection

I never realized Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday.

I had no idea that standing to wipe my butt isn't normal

I'm the only one that didn't know BOGO means buy one, get one...

I thought being decapitated meant you lost your knee caps.

I never realized that the target logo is in fact a target.
Buffalo wings are made of chicken

I'm the only one who didn't know that Flo Rida is actually Florida spelled out.

I didn't get the expression "like a bull in a china shop". I thought it was "like a BOWL in a china shop". That's why I never understood why people said that!

I didn't know that R.I.P. means rest in peace. I always thought it stood for a Latin word.

Rotating your tires means they take them off & switch positions, I thought they just ran them in reverse for a while

I thought Luke Skywalker’s weapon was called a "life saver" not a "light saber".

I thought the show "Biggest Loser" was about people who were actually losers, not people working out to lose weight. I never understood why anyone would want to be on a show that just makes fun of you!

I am the only one who didn't know that the Snickerdoodle cookie was not created by my Aunt. I saw then in a vending machine one day and was shocked.

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