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My High Maintenance Man...

Posted: 2013-03-12 10:15 AM
My husband is so high maintenance he has his own tanning bed in our home!

He has to have his jeans dry cleaned and when he travels he takes a shoe tree with him!

My high maintenance man refused to go out one night while we were on vacation recently in Mexico because his hair didn't look good.

My husband cannot get out of bed in the morning until his breakfast has been prepared for him.

My high maintenance man puts Vaseline on his feet and socks before going to bed. His feet are very soft!

My husband takes nightly bubble baths and insists that I give him regular mani/pedis.

When we had our bathroom remodeled and he didn't have the side mirrors hung yet to do his hair - he called in sick

My husband has over 50 pairs of designer shoes (all with wooden shoe trees in and labeled in clear plastic boxes.) He brings a box in to work and polishes his shoes daily.

My husband will only order boneless buffalo wings because the wings with bones are "too much work."

My husband used waterproof mascara to darken the gray in his goatee

He pees sitting down.

My man is so high maintenance he always carries a hair brush with him... PLUS 4 the car. One in each door, glove box, & center column.

He is so high maintenance that he uses hairspray for his eyebrows.

My man irons his jeans.

My high maintenance man wears clear mascara to make his eyes "pop".

My boyfriend will not wear clothes unless they're altered by a tailor. Plain Tshirts, dress shirts, shorts, anything. He refuses to wear unless it is perfectly fitted.

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