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The 2013 Mexican Bucket of Dares!

Posted: 2013-03-13 08:10 AM
Our listener, Walter, will have to complete some of these dares during Chips, Dip, and a Mexico Trip... Cuatro!

The Dares

Jersey Turnpike with 3 random beach goers!

Motor boat a guy with man boobs. Hairy men, please!

Loudly announce he is about to pee in the pool and then jump into a crowded area.

Serenade Kathy and Melissa by singing "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars...maybe after some tequila.

Drink a margarita slide down Kathy's flip flop.

Wear a bikini for a day until he has bikini tan lines.

Oil up his body, roll around in the sand, and then bear hug Kathy

Fill his bathing suit with ice cubes and hold them in until they melt.

Walter should suck peanut butter or guacamole off Melissa's toes.

He has to tell everyone that he's a famous actor and force his autograph on other people.

I dare him to reenact scenes from "Magic Mike" for Kathy and Melissa.

Apply guacamole as sunscreen!

When Whip takes his annual shower, Walter has to lather him up with soap, and help rinse him off!

Walter has to shave his legs in the pool side shower.

Lick the armpit of a large hairy man laying out in the sun.

Run down the beach screaming, "My boobies need butter!"

Paint his fingers and toes in hot pink and walk around the entire day like that.

Eric gets to draw a tramp stamp tattoo on Walter's back with a Sharpie.

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