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When it comes to men, what's your #1 rule?

Posted: 2013-03-14 08:46 AM
Don't be more sensitive than me. I already have a vagina, don't need two!

He must have bigger thighs than me.

He can't have a hairy butt

He can't talk to himself or flex in the mirror while getting ready.

Never date a man that has bigger boobs than you (whether man boobs or muscle).

If, while making out, a man gently pushes my head down towards his business - I'm outta there!

He must be able to hit a golf ball past the ladies tee.

I can't know more about sports than he does.

I would never sleep with a man that doesn't have direct deposit.

He cannot live within a 5 mile radius of his mother.

He CANNOT fit into my jeans!

My mom taught me to never trust a man who doesn't wear socks. This was in the early 90s, but I swear by it.

My # 1 rule is the guy has to wear boxers.. if he tells me he wears tighty whities it's a no go..

Always make a man feel like it was their idea from the start - when really I have manipulated the whole idea.

Never trust a man with dirty fingernails.

Never date a single man who has a cat. Guy + cat cannot be trusted.

I draw the line at a guy who comes in the bathroom while I'm on the toilet and pees in the sink

#1 Rule - If he has a pic on his Facebook profile in which he is shirtless and/or posing with a high priced sports car, I'm out.

He must be man enough to buy my tampons when he's at the store alone.

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