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The Habit I Need to Break

Posted: 2013-03-20 09:00 AM
Continuously checking my ex's Facebook and driving by his house.

I need to stop scratching my back on the corners of walls!

Watching adult videos while commuting home.

Waiting until my gas light is on to put gas in my car.

I need to stop procrastina... Meh screw it I'll finish this text later...

Popping my friends and family's zits. It's gross and I'm not proud of it.

I would love to stop baking brownies and funfetti, but eating half of the raw batter before I bake them.

I like to burn pictures of people I don't like because of the way the photo paper dissolves

My bad habit is every time I make popcorn I rip the bag apart and lick the salt and butter on the inside of the bag

Bad habit I wish I could stop would be chewing the inside of my cheek. I bite off and chew the skin. I do this when I'm thinking or bored.

I have this bad habit of ignoring my wife for no reason sometimes.

I need to break the habit of chewing ice cubes 24/7
Correcting everything other people say.

I need to stop looking at women's boobs n butts. My wife n daughter are always catching me.

I need to stop drinking a Large McDonald's Diet Coke EVERYDAY! I have to stop every day and get one.

I channel surf so much, I had replace my remote twice in a year.

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