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What Makes Him Husband Material?

Posted: 2013-03-27 08:43 AM
Marriage material would consist of a man who would not hesitate a foot rub for his lady even if her feet were a little ripe.

He has a large business and knows how to use it.

He needs to be a combo of Bradley Cooper and Bruce Willis.

He cleans the snow off of your car before you go to work so you don't have to.

He buys me flowers after I throw up.

If he's got season tickets to the hawks - he's marrying material!

Whipability...makes a man good husband material.
He has to have the ability to build a backyard ice rink for our kids.

He must understand all of my "Friends" references.

His last name MUST sound good with my first name!

He has to always have my back when I sing karaoke.

He snuggles and gets teary eyed while watching The Notebook with his lady.

A man who's willing to help straighten your hair and do your nails

He needs to love me more than I love him.

He should have a deceased mother. No Mother-In-Law drama for me!

A guy with a credit rating of 720 or higher.

My dad can't hate him!

A man is husband material when I can fart in front of him accidentally/intentionally and he doesn't care!

A man that holds my purse in one hand and my fully dressed pug puppy in the other hand in public!

He kills centipedes.

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