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What Lie Are You Living?

Posted: 2013-03-28 09:32 AM
My boyfriend thinks my divorce was finalized a while ago but it isn't yet, haven't told him I'm still legally married

My confession: I'm the one who mailed the red lacy panties.
They were for YOU, not your dad. I'm sorry your parents are splitting up now.

I've been telling my husband I didn't get a raise at work and that we live check to check. Really I have $3k saved in the bank because I want a boob job.

I sneak out and use my quarterly bonus to gamble at the casino. My husband has no idea.

For the past 3 years My parents think I passed the bar exam and am a licensed practicing Attorney. I actually failed and work in insurance.

My wife admitted to me last night that she's been watching porn on her phone and told her I'm upset about it when really I've never been hotter for her!

I recently got hired because I had on my resume that I graduated from University of Illinois - I didn't even go to college.

I tell my husband and kids I am still enrolled in online school and that they need to leave me alone at night so I can go to class. However, I quit about a month ago and I'm using the "school time" to go on Facebook!

I've been having phone sex while at work!

I still wear superhero brief underwear just like I did as a kid.

I tell my husband I hate WWE wrestling, but really I watch it all the time when he's not home!

While in college I told my parents I was studying abroad in England for a year, but I was actually living in Mexico with a guy I met at a bar.

My wife doesn't know that I watch say "Yes to the Dress" without her.

I am a virgin working in a sex toy shop!

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