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What's Your Biggest Family Secret?

Posted: 2013-04-09 09:40 AM
My wife's family kept a poop chart on vacation to see who pooped the most. At the end of the vacation they awarded a winner.

My wife's Dad had a sex change and is now a woman...

My parents are swingers. Only my husband and I know.

My sister married our first cousin and they have children together and to this day their kids are not aware of the situation.

My brother and sister-in-law are trying to have baby and she is secretly still on the pill!

Our family secret? My uncle believes he was a medieval warrior in a past life and refers to himself as Beowulf.

My family does not know my husband is an illegal immigrant.

Two of my cousins were adopted. It's been ten years and they have no idea.

I caught my uncle with his gay lover at my grandma's funeral!

My sister is still married to her 3rd husband, even though she has been living with someone else for 2 years.

My mom's brothers divorced their wives and married each other's exes.

My uncle served time for tax evasion. He was a federal judge and was disbarred after it happened. I had no idea until I came across newspaper articles about it years later.

My family found out that my aunt and her daughter were prostitutes, while watching Geraldo. They were on the show and we had NO IDEA!

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