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Your Biggest Spring Break Regret

Posted: 2013-04-10 09:49 AM
I let a male cheerleader from Duke eat a pop tart from between my legs during a pop tart eating contest

The water went out in my hotel so I had to wash my hair in the toilet!

Biggest spring break regret- getting my nipple pierced! Now, after breast feeding it leaks like a broken dam!

The spring break after my boyfriend dumped me me, I stayed home, only ate Spongebob mac and cheese, and chipped my fake tooth on a glass bowl.

My spring break regret... my now 6 year old and no Bachelor's degree. Thanks Cancun!

Our fight delayed 14 hrs. We drank at the bar for the entire delay and I ended up hooking up with my ex in the handicap stall of the men's restroom. Gross.

I tried to strut onto the suite patio of a group of Purdue guys, but I walked right into the glass door and fell backwards flat on my back. My face print was on the window all week.

Four girlfriends and I were given permission to drive down to Florida for spring break senior year of high school. We stopped overnight in city called Fart, Virigina. Our car was stolen from the motel parking lot! We spent two days in Fart waiting for our parents to come get us.

I was in a bar and I had so much fun, I wet my pants. I had to throw away my leggings and go commando for the rest of the night!

I tried to crowd surf in a club in Cancun...no one caught me.

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