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What Do You Wish You Could Un-See?

Posted: 2013-04-17 08:43 AM
I would like to unsee the homeless man walking past Giordano's in downtown Chicago with his pants around his ankles.

I accidently walked in on my 17 year old son manscaping.
The huge festering boil on my husband's butt.

My grandmother was in the shower. At the time I thought it was my short chubby brother. I said out loud "dang bro you got boobs!" turned around and my brother was standing behind me.

While helping my brother clean up, I came across pictures of my sister-in-law giving birth to my nephew.

Sweaty man at the Taste of Chicago eating a turkey leg. He set it down on a garbage can rim for a bit and then picked it back up to finish it!

I watched a grandma offer her cupped hands to her 5 year old grandson as he puked on the bus!

I would like to erase from my memory the vision of a guy laying on the ground at a bus stop in Chicago on a hot summer day, sucking on the toes of another guy.
Catching my supervisor "getting a raise" from her boss at the office.

My 60 year old boss cutting her toe nails during our one on one meeting!

After a Cubs game I saw a large woman run bare butt naked out of the Wrigleyville Taco Bell

I had a colonoscopy and wasn't knocked out for and as I got "comfortable" on the table I looked up and there was a TV in the room and I realized it was the inside of my colon.

A saw a lady in her car picking her nose and eating it on my commute to work.

As a substitute teacher, I had to show the class a full view Vasectomy video. Ouch.

Watching home videos with my girlfriend's family and we came across her birth video! Awkward and disgusting.

The women who lotions her giant boobs in the mirror at the gym!

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