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Posted: 2013-04-23 09:31 AM
Is your ex really your "best friend" or do you just need to sleep together one more time?

Why do you know everyone else's ass is fat, but you can't tell if your own ass is fat?

Why do women always wait until bed to bring up issues that are almost sure to start a fight?

Why are women so embarrassed to admit that they fly solo when men are not?
Why do women go to the bathroom in groups?

Do you really need to bring all of that with you?

Why can't you just say what you want? Why do you think we can read your mind?

Why do you continue to buy face wash, soaps, perfumes, etc. when you already have a drawer FULL of all of that?

How many of your guy friends that you tell me are gay are really straight?

Why does my girlfriend insist on playing matchmaker for my single buddies?

Does size REALLY matter? If so, how come?

I am a woman and I often experience intense orgasmic feelings when I hold in my pee for a long time? Anyone else? Thanks.

Why would you buy a pair of high heels 2 sizes too small because they're cute, and then complain every time you wear them, but yet keep wearing them?

What do men do to that ends up putting them into the "Friend Zone"?

When out in public, what's with pointing out other women and then getting upset when we look? That's your fault.

Why is it that the better a woman is in bed, the more bat-poop crazy she is?!

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