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The Mortifying Secret He Told His Friends About You!

Posted: 2013-04-24 10:42 AM
He told his friends I pass gas in my sleep, and did so in front of me!

He told his buddy I like to get spanked during intimate times.

I had the flu, was stuck in traffic, and had a messy accident in my pants. He told ALL of his buddies!

He told his friends that I clogged the toilet and almost flooded the bathroom. And I was in the room when he told them!

He told his roommates about the time that I accidentally peed the bed after too many drinks!

He told his friends that he calls me grey beard since my lower region hairs have turned gray. I'm only 32!

My husband told his friends that I have very large nipples...which is true, but awkward!

I told him about an intimate dream I had involving him and two of his friends. He told ALL of them!

He told them about the noise I make during my blue ribbon moment!

He showed his buddy a picture of my private parts!

The first time I met my husband's boss when we were dating, his boss said to me, so you're the one that could suck a golf ball through a straw...

I once broke wind while we were doing that. He told his friends, they call me "Pootie" now.

My boyfriend told his friends about my mismatched boobs, that one is a whole cup size smaller than the other. Now I constantly catch them looking at my chest.

I told my buddies - in detail - about my wife giving birth. Then my idiot brother posted the whole thing on Facebook!

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