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Your Most Embarrassing Moment in School...

Posted: 2013-04-25 09:43 AM
I was sleeping in class and I farted in my sleep and the whole class started laughing even the teacher and I never lived that down the rest of the two years of high school.

I was on homecoming court and while waiting to find out who won my dress fell down in front of the ENTIRE school. And I didn't win.

During an ACT testing bathroom break, I split my pants from crotch to the belt loop and couldn't do anything about it.

Everything was great until my junior year when I passed out on the stage during a choir concert and fell face first into the orchestra pit.

At a High School graduation pool party I was launched in the air out of the pool and as they threw me, a buddy de-pantsed me. I felt like I was in the air for an hour... butt naked.

My low point was when my mom had to be escorted off of school property at parent-teacher conferences for getting in my chemistry teachers face and threatening him for giving me a C.

I popped a zit and it burst onto the girl in front of me and another classmate saw the whole thing. My nickname became "Zitpo Man".

I ran un-apposed for Student Council President and lost. It was an admin error, but I earned the title "cannot even beat yourself".

I went on a class trip to Great America & wore white everything since I'd never been there before. After one water ride, everyone could see EVERYTHING!

I wrecked the Drivers Ed car. T Football coach was the teacher and promised not to tell a soul. He told whole football team (I was a cheerleader) and used me as an example in class every semester.

I was sitting on a fence while wearing my school uniform. When I jumped off my skirt got caught. I was stuck hanging there with my panties for all to see.

As an aspiring freshman field hockey player, the varsity coach pulled me to the side to tell me that I needed to start wearing 2 sports bras because my boobs were bouncing too much!

During Softball Practice in high school, my hair got sucked into a pitching machine!

When I was 13 I broke both my ankles at the same time. Only thing worse than being in junior high is being in a wheelchair in junior high.

Getting dressed in locker room. I leaned on the sink to put on my pantyhose. The entire sink broke off the wall & sprayed water everywhere!

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