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The Gross Habit That You Keep a Secret

Posted: 2013-04-29 09:31 AM
Ever seen the SNL sketch "Superstar" where she smells her pit soaked hands? I do that with my crotch to make sure it doesn't smell bad.

I pick the dirt out of my belly button and smell it.

I eat the calluses off my big toe. Either, I clip them off or if I'm feeling flexible I will attempt to bite them right off my toe!

I like to use my fingernail to clean under and the side of my toenails and then smell it.

I pull hair out of my head and floss with it. Sometimes I just use a longer piece to avoid pulling it out of my head all together.

I pick my nose and wipe it on the seat in my car. When they're dry later in the day - I flick them off.

I like to lick the crust around my earrings after I take them off.

I am obsessed with popping the zits on my husband's back. I get em' when he's asleep because he hates it!

I scratch my butt, over my underwear, and smell my finger to see if I need to "courtesy wipe".

I sometimes have to put lotion on my butt before bed because if I get hot, my butt cheeks stick together and I can't sleep!

I will go after a booger so aggressively that I'll be up to my second knuckle and wife says it looks like I'm trying to scratch my brain.

I pick my scabs. And, hey - sometimes they accidentally end up in my mouth.

Sometimes when my contacts fall out and I'm stranded without solution, I stick it in my mouth for a few minutes and then pop it back in my eye.

I pop my blackheads to watch the stringy white lines come out of my face, then I line them up to see which is the longest.

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