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The Things You Never Want to Hear Your Man Say...

Posted: 2013-04-30 09:32 AM
I'm gonna need clean underwear.

Wow. You do that almost as good as my ex!

I am asexual. .. I don't need to have sex. I am in love with your brain.

"You're not that fat"

Well, I mean - you could always get a boob job.

Don't worry. I only talk sweet to her because she owes me money.

You're acting like your mother.

After he took me out for my birthday dinner, when the check came he said "Well, that was a waste of money."

I have no idea where that wart came from.

After coming home with a new haircut he said, "Why did you cut your hair? Now it makes your face look even fatter."

While getting out of the shower he said "Oh my God! Come look at the size of this zit. You're never going to believe where it is!" I am still traumatized!

Is that even going to fit you???

When my husband would ALWAYS tell me, "Just listen to my mom & sister, they know what they are talking about!"

He said, "Do you want to go to the One Direction concert with me?"

When I first told my husband that I loved him, he paused and told me "I want you to think about what that means."

While my soon to be ex-husband and I were in the process of separating he said. Do you want to have sex? I'm not having it with anyone else.

He said, "Jamie, what do you want to do?" I said,"Umm...maybe not call me Jamie, I'm Kelly."

After my Great Grandmother died he said, "Stop crying because it won't bring her back."

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