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Meanest Mean Girls

Posted: 2013-05-02 11:36 AM
In high school I would walk passed a girl I HATED and shout "I smell fish!"

I lived in a group home and didn't like one of the girls so I peed in her shampoo bottle.

I convinced a girl I didn't like she was pregnant from dry humping with her boyfriend back in high school.

A girl I didn't like in high school applied for a job where I worked so I told my manager she was a huge drug addict so she wouldn't get hired.

I put worms in the hair of a girl at my bus stop in 6th grade. She later became my step- sister :-/

In sixth grade, I told my best friend that I couldn't be friends with her anymore because if we stayed friends, I'd never be popular.

I hawked a big loogie into a girls drink at a bar, she was too busy dancing. Then watched her come back and drink it.

I had one sister getting married and another that was getting divorced. I hate the one that was getting divorced. So I asked the DJ to play her wedding song and sat back and watched her cry.

I hid a pumpkin under my roommate's bed after Halloween because she was being a jerk. It rotted and stunk up her whole bed. I blamed it on the guys on our floor.

I set up a fake instant message account and told my college roommate's boyfriend of 4 years that she was cheating on him. She wasn't, but they broke up.

A friend and I bought a stuffed animal, cut it open, shoved meat and hard boiled eggs inside, sewed it back up and gave it to our ex-friend.

I'm a teacher. I absolutely hated this one other teacher I used to work with so I wrote that she was a "ho" with permanent marker on the school bathroom stall, but it looked like a student had done it!

I peed in my friends ramen and watched her eat it.

I was having a really bad morning driving to work. I was trying to make a turn into traffic and nobody was letting me in. Finally, some nice lady let me in. She had a soft smile and a look of compassion on her face. I flipped her the bird. Her shocked look still haunts me today.

I gave a girl named Jennifer the nickname Jenni-fat. She still won't accept my friend request on Facebook 15 years after.

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