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Every man should know ____!

Posted: 2013-05-07 09:28 AM
Know when to shut up.

Just because I want a girls night out doesn't mean I want to cheat on you.

If I fart in my sleep, act like you didn't hear it and move on.

Housework is NOT just women's work. You can do it too!!!

Every man needs to know that "Let's not exchange gifts this year." means you still better get me something nice!

Don't ever tell us to "RELAX".

Our boobs are sensitive. Stop squeezing them so hard!

Putting on or taking off panty hose is not attractive and we don't want you to watch. It's not porn!

"Do whatever you want." does not mean do whatever you want.
Every man needs to know how to change a tire.

I don't need you to solve my problem sometimes I just need you to listen.

Yes, you may be funny. But not every woman likes your particular humor. Deal with it.

We like to be hugged and touched but it doesn't mean it's always going to turn into sex!

I AM ALWAYS SKINNY no matter what I may look like.

Foreplay begins when you wake up. If you want to get lucky later be nice to me all day.

Know how to unclasp a bra!

Just cause the shower is big enough for 2 doesn't mean I want you in it with me. Maybe I want some alone time.

We don't need to hear "Well, if you want me to..." of course we want you to, otherwise we wouldn't have asked!

Everyman needs to know how to go down town! If ya know what I mean.

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