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Flirting Tips...

Posted: 2013-05-09 09:29 AM
Use this line: "Are you going to look this good when I take you out to dinner Friday night?"

Watch The Notebook and Crazy Stupid Love - basically do anything Ryan Gosling does.

Deep eye contact and a mischievous smile.

Talk with the body not the mouth.

Non-creepy touching.

Take a few shots & you'll be golden. Not drunk & sloppy, just a really good buzz.

You need to talk to a girl in a way that makes it seem like you don't want to sleep with her. Which of course, you clearly do.

Eye contact and knock knock jokes.

Self-deprecating humor, fresh breath, and never ever one-up their stories.

Whiten your teeth. Dress in Eddie Bauer clothes.

Wear cowboy boots and silk shirts.

He should approach another girl in the group rather than the one he's interested in. It'll draw the one he TRULY likes, to find him more "inviting".

Go with the "Shy Guy" routine. If there is eye contact, smile and turn away. Keep that up for a bit then get close and say hello.

Make eye contact from where you are seated and raise your glass up to "cheers" the girl you are interested in.
Don't force it. If you aren't a natural flirt then play the genuine card.

Approach a group of women and say something like "My friends think this shirt is too metrosexual. But I like it! What do you ladies think?"

Say "Hello." Start a conversation. Actually be interested in what the person is talking about.

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