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Dumbest Fight with My Spouse

Posted: 2013-05-10 09:37 AM
Huge day long fight about whether or not you can paint a barn blue instead of red...we don't have a barn and never will. This almost ended us.

We fought for over an hour on how I didn't like a song that had her birthday months name in the title, so therefore somehow that means I didnít like her.

My then wife fought tooth and nail that I do not eat a "Chaco Taco" ice cream treat. Why, because I am lactose intolerant and we were about to start a 6 hour road trip!

We almost got divorced once because he wouldn't watch Hook with me!

My wife was lying on the couch and said she wasn't feeling well. I went over to her gave her a hug and kiss her on the neck, which she hated cause it tickled. She got up threw a fork at me and it stuck in my arm! No police were called and we are still married.

We have an ongoing fight about the difference between a cup and a mug. If I even bring it up, she gets extremely angry will not talk to me the rest of the day.

He ate my left over cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. We didn't speak for the whole day.

Our dumbest fight which resulted in loud screaming, tears and the silent treatment was over why I didn't understand the hype about "Pulp Fiction" - I still don't get it.

Whether or not camouflage should be incorporated into a wedding. We nearly broke up over the issue.

Before my husband and I were married we had a huge fight over him eating HIS birthday cake. There were leftovers and instead of cutting a piece he took a fork and ate right out of the box. We postponed our wedding because of this!

My husband yelled who's your daddy in bed. It ended that night and caused a week long fight since my dad was dead.

My husband Karate chopped my butt crack. When I got mad he said it was my fault for wearing yoga pants. A fight followed!

My wife and I got into a screaming match about how much money we would give to family if we won the 500 million dollar powerball that night. I lost. Twice.

GOLFING WITH HUSBAND! We fought for these reasons.... You cannot talk, I stepped on the grass in front of his ball and dented it for putting, and my shadow was covering his line to putt! NEVER AGAIN!

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