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What Do You Always Have to Explain to People?

Posted: 2013-05-14 09:31 AM
I always have to explain to people how I had a heart attack when I was 17.

I always have to explain why I have a glass eye- If the person asking doesn't know me, I almost always make something up to mess with them.

I have 5 names, a first and last, and three middle names. My parents were very indecisive when I was born so they just gave me all three middle names. I have always had to explain at graduations and on job applications.

The smell coming from my cubical is not me, it's because I'm next to the bathroom!

My name is Herb. I always hear "So, do you smoke herb, Herb? 'Cuz that's your name, right?" Then I explain how a name has no merit on what recreational drugs a person enjoys.

I ALWAYS have to explain that NEW MEXICO (where half of my family lives) is a state in the US! It blows my mind how many people think it's part of Mexico.

Why I have a sister named Julie when my name is Julie.

I have a scar that runs across my face as a result of a cooking accident when I was a child. I always tell people different things and watch their reactions.

Just because I'm an accountant doesn't mean I know how to do your taxes.

I have a large birthmark by my left eye. EVERY FRICKIN DAY OF MY LIFE I have to explain NO I don't have a black eye, NO I'm not in an abusive relationship, NO it wasn't a fight.

The company I work for does payment processing for adult websites so I have to attend porn shows throughout the year.

The second people hear the word "porn", they assume I'm in adult videos and stop listening to my explanation.

I work at a gas station and at least once a day I have to explain to someone how to pump gas into their car. If you don't know how to pump gas, you should not be driving!

I get tired of explaining how a "pretty thing" like me can become a police officer.

My living situation... I live with my boyfriend's brother.

Why I willingly had in unmedicated childbirth. And why I plan to do it again!

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