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I Knew I'd Made a Bad Decision When...

Posted: 2013-05-23 09:44 AM
Cutting down a tree with a chain saw, standing on a ladder leaning against the same tree. Whoops...

After the first push during natural childbirth, I looked at my husband and said "This may have been a really bad idea!"

I knew I made a bad choice after taking a shot of liquor with a live minnow swimming in it at a Jimmy Buffett concert.

When I started down the sled hill...naked.

Hooking up with my neighbor...they don't ever go away and neither does the awkwardness!

That moment when I decided to try that new Mexican place before a job interview.

I knew that I made a bad decision when on the way home from the dealership with my new - used car the check engine light came on.

Borrowed my roommate's car while she was out of town without her permission. To go to a party. In a rainstorm. Smashed it up good. Bad decision.

I chaperoned 3 13 year old girls to Great America's Fright Fest and didn't know they were ALL scared of Halloween. We had to walk arm in arm throughout the ENTIRE PARK.

Wearing white shorts during that time of the month on the first day of high school. It didn't end well.

I tried to see how many beans fit in my nostril.

I bought my first house and ten days later the living room ceiling collapsed.

I was wearing a backless dress so I couldn't wear a bra. I used gorilla tape to cover my nipples. Later that night as I ripped the tape off I nearly tore off my nips!

I spilled beer on my phone and ran to the sink to wash it off... I realized it was a bad decision just a moment too late.

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