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Your Prank That Went Wrong

Posted: 2013-05-30 10:55 AM
Our senior year we put goldfish and frogs in all the school toilets. The principal caught us and made us fish them ALL OUT. Hands in toilets for hours...

I stuck a Smartie up my brother's nose while he was sleeping thinking he'd wake up and blow it out, but instead he sucked it in and it got stuck!

I gave my boss a fake winning lottery ticket & he went to hospital with chest pains later in day.

I went to an all-girls school and a few friends and I accessed all the incoming freshman addresses, Photoshopped our school letterhead and send out a letter to the parents saying the school was going co-ed.

When I was in high school, the football team and I decided to shoot paintballs at the freshman. Well, the freshman got hurt and we all went to jail.

In anatomy class in college we pulled a prank by taking off a cadaver's penis and mailing it to the Dean. We didn't realize that it was a crime to separate body parts of donated cadavers... oops!

I'm a construction worker, on April Fool's Day, I faked that I accidently cut off hand. I had fake blood and a fake hand, but I lost my job for real.

As a prank, we sent a dozen roses to a friend's hotel room while he was with his wife with a card that said "Richie! Thank you for a wonderful night last night, you are unforgettable!" They ended up getting a divorce.

The swim team, including myself, decided to purchase 100 goldfish and let them swim in the high school pool on a Friday night. Not thinking clearly, the chlorine and chemicals killed them almost instantly. The school smelled like a swamp for 3 weeks and the entire pool had to be drained and sanitized.

A coworker and I were quitting from Subway at the same time and as a final hurrah we put mayo in all the liquid soap dispensers. The next day the Health Inspector gave a surprise visit and our manager was fired.

My senior class filled balloons with urine, dropped them from the top of the stairs, and school was cancelled because it was a Bio-Hazzard.

I told my sister the bottle of Clear Windex was just - it wasn't - but how was I supposed to know she'd try to drink it?

We put Seran wrap and cooking spray on my friend's toilet, but his mom ended up using the bathroom before he did, and she slid off the toilet right into the bathroom door and peed on herself!

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