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I'm Embarrassed By...

Posted: 2013-06-04 09:35 AM
My lack of boobs.

I am embarrassed by the length of my second toe! Way too long.

I'm embarrassed that I am dating a 22 year old and I'm 33!

I'm embarrassed by the fact that I'm a guy and one of my favorite movies is A Walk to Remember with Mandy Moore.

I'm embarrassed by how gassy I get when I'm nervous.

I was embarrassed by when my babysitter used to make me wear diapers when I took naps even when the younger kids didn't have to.

I was so embarrassed by my height, I've been 5 11 since 7th grade. My mom always told me to just wait and the guys would love it when i was older....she was right!

I'm embarrassed by how much damn chest hair I have. A nurse once told me I looked like a Wookie.

I am embarrassed by my third testicle. No joke. I was born with three, 1 much smaller than other 2 and not functional.

I'm embarrassed by how quickly I type. No person with a healthy social life should type this fast.

I've been embarrassed by my 42 F breasts. Yes, they're real.
I'm a woman and I had a mustache. I didn't learn how to get rid of it well. Once, I used a depilatory cream and gave myself a chemical burn for a month!

I'm embarrassed by my discolored nipple!

I was embarrassed by acing all my math quizzes in high school...so I started getting problems wrong on purpose!

I'm embarrassed by my car with a broken handle so I have to roll down the window and stick my arm out to open the door.

I was embarrassed when I farted while giving a presentation to my global client's executive staff. It was loud and we had to take a break to spray Lysol in the room.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm a guy who secretly owns all the seasons of Sex in the City and I watch them when my wife isn't home.

When my son had a diaper blow out that got all over my shirt at the store with no change of clothes on me.

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