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My Dumb Moment

Posted: 2013-06-11 09:43 AM
I thought all of the I DOT trucks said "Idiot" on them.

I asked my mom if Thanksgiving was on Friday this year, because it was on Thursday last year.

I realized I was dumb when my friend said she got a Siamese cat and I asked in shock "Where are they connected?"

I told my husband "Garbage men have great jobs, they only work one day a week!"

I didn't know seahorses were real until I was 26. I thought they were mythical creatures from books.

The first football game I watched on TV, trying to fit in with my finance's friends... I asked them how the crews managed to paint the yellow line on the field so quickly.

I thought that the United Center melted the ice from the hockey games after each game to set up the court for bulls games and then had to refill and refreeze the ice prior to the Hawks games.

While driving behind a Target truck, I realized that the Target logo is actually a Target and not just 2 red circles as I thought previously.

I got into an argument with my 8th grader because I thought that the nation and the world were the same thing.

I have friends in the NW Suburbs and I was concerned they'd get the West Niles Virus.

I proclaimed how much I liked the spicy green olives on the nachos. My girlfriend replied, dumfounded, "Those are jalapenos."

My 6th grader was learning about the great wall of china and i told her they tore it down.

I stopped at a Stop sign and sat there waiting for it to turn green.

My coworker asked if there were any tent sales in the area. I replied "Are you in the market for a new tent?" Yeah, dumb.

I went to a bar and got excited because there were 2 bands. My excitement ended when my friends pointed out that the second band was really a reflection of the first band in a full length mirror.

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