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My Awkward Third Wheel Story

Posted: 2013-06-13 10:36 AM
I was a 3rd wheel when my friend and her new bf and I went to dinner. I ended up being the designated driver and before I knew it they were doing IT in his backseat while I was driving!

I was the third wheel & the girl confronted him about his faithfulness and dumped him as I sat there... and I had no idea that this was coming - awkward.

In high school my best friend and I went to visit her boyfriend who was in college. After a night out I slept on the sofa, they slept in his bed and decided at that moment to do it... for the first time. The sounds still haunt me.

My Best Friend's boyfriend got us tickets to see Wicked with him for Christmas. He showed up in a limo with a dozen red roses for her and they snuggled the entire time while I just sat there.

I was on a roller coaster at Six Flags sitting between my two friends who were dating. When she got scared, they held hands on my lap the entire time!

One of my best friends came over with her boyfriend. We were watching a movie and his head was practically stuck in her cleavage! I got up and started doing laundry.

My best friend and her boyfriend took me to dinner after I'd been dumped and just as I started to feel a bit better her boyfriend starts telling her how he feels about her and he friggin' proposes! I wanted to punch him in the face!

I was invited to Halloween couples party. M friend said no problem, there will be other singles "brought" there so I tagged along. It ended up being a swingers party!

I went out for Valentine's Day with a guy I was seeing. We invited my best guy friend to join us dinner. By then end of the night I was the third wheel and they were sharing dessert!

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