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The Most Disturbing Thing I Saw This Weekend...

Posted: 2013-06-17 09:51 AM
The dozen plus flies I saw this morning on our air conditioner unit after an unfortunate creature met his untimely death in the blades of our AC unit at 1am last night.

My boyfriend's mom full on flashed me trying to show me a "bad mole".

I was at the Lincoln Park Beerfest and someone dropped their cup on the floor of the port-a-potty while exiting, picked it up, and kept drinking from it!

My husband projectile vomited all over me during a drunken hotel room romp Saturday night... We had to pay $90 of cleaning fees to the resort.

We were golfing and this guy who was about 115 years old was just standing on the tee box with is junk out peeing. He saw us and waved like it was no big deal!

Went to the movies and saw a young child maybe about 5 years old, standing at the urinal, flushing it and drinking like it was a water fountain.

As my brother in law climbed into the boat on the lake this weekend his suit was untied and dropped a bit too low. Shrinky Dinky!

While at the retail store I work at, a little girl threw up all over her brother AND a table of our clothes.

The woman in front of me at Bikram yoga class had 3 holes in the crotch region of her pants...Ew.

My sister peeling her sunburnt skin off her entire left arm and setting it on the table like a snake coming out of its skin.

Walking into the locker room at my gym and seeing an old man sitting Indian style, on the floor, butt naked and clipping his toe nails.

My 17 year old son thinks it's funny to moon me. I see his hairy butt at the most random times. So, I went in his room yesterday TOPLESS!

We threw a party. A drunk guy started making out with his girlfriend and then... he began to puke in her mouth.

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