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What Did He or She Do Without Your Permission?

Posted: 2013-06-21 10:36 AM
He spent $6000 on a 1976 pile of rust that he was gonna "fix up" when I was 6 months pregnant. That was our savings!

He went and got EVERYWHERE waxed!

He dropped out of school to be a professional Starcraft (video game) player.

He bought a motorcycle. We lived in a 1st floor apartment so I came home from work and IT WAS IN OUR LIVING ROOM!

I came home to a gutted the kitchen!

He invited his recently divorced buddy to come to Disney World with us on our family vacation.

I refinanced the house and took him off the mortgage.

My husband bought a $6,000 horse without telling me!

After telling her I was happy with having two kids, she stopped taking the pill. We are now expecting twins. Come January we'll have four kids all under 4.

He wore a full white tuxedo to our wedding and I had no idea until I was walking down the aisle!

I got a vasectomy without my wife's permission.

She showed her friend a video of us doing it!

My husband bought a fish tank and a bunch of fish for our toddler and set it up in her room. He said he'd take care of them. He didn't. They all died.

He signed us up for a swingers Halloween party and I had no idea until we got there!

My husband bought an exotic bird with a 50 year lifespan. Hard enough to commit to him that long and now I have to commit to a bird!

He bought a huge new flat screen tv & told me about it AFTER we finished doin' it!

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