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The Best Text Compliment Ever

Posted: 2013-06-24 09:44 AM
I like your butt. Can I wear it as a hat?

"You're adorkable."

She texted me "You, me 5 minutes...bathroom."

Your boobs look great today.

"Hanging out with you is like being on a 5 hour vacation."

I got this message: "I promise to keep you warm." Unfortunately it was a wrong number text. My husband doesn't text at all.

Call me in 20 minutes with an "emergency". I'd rather be with you.

After telling my wife I thought Jessica Alba was attractive, she texted me "I'm going to make you forget who Jessica Alba is tonight."

My fiance texted me "Do you have a band aid ? I scraped my knee when I fell for you."

Best text ever: Guy: "I know I'm excited to see you later because I've been going to the bathroom a lot." Me: "Um, what?" Guy: "You know - when you're excited you need to pee more?"

You're like sex on legs.

I was sitting at breakfast after a long night if partying with friends. My best guy friend texted me "even though you're hung over, you're still the most beautiful girl at this table."

You look more delicious than this meal we're having.
You are nothing like your mother.

I got a text from my girlfriend telling me what a good time she had the night prior - the thing was I didn't take her out the night before. It was the best text compliment ever because I found out what a horrible person she was!

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