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I'm Secretly Mad at My Spouse Because...

Posted: 2013-07-10 09:30 AM
He drives me NUTS with his alarm clock. It goes off 20 times until I finally have to hit him and say "wake up!" - he claims he doesn't hear his alarm ever.

He put my bra in the dryer and now it is all deformed and I can't wear it.

Lack of sex. We just hit 4.5 years coincidentally given Mind Bender topic this AM.

He lost his debit card so he took mine and I'm left digging change out of the change jar for my lunch!

We have new beautiful fluffy pillows... And when he sleeps he destroys them and smashes them so they are all out of shape. Makes me so mad.

While I was on a work trip yesterday, my wife rearranged the living room and spare bedroom. Only to decide she didn't like it upon my return and told me I have to put it back how it was!

Instead of spending time with our daughter on his day off my husband golfs. He drops her off at his moms for a couple hours.

I found a Maximum magazine with Alyssa Milano in our bedroom, hiding on his side of his bed .

Almost every morning my husband "wrecks" the bathroom and leaves. I have to plunge and clean up before I can use the bathroom!

My spouse is so good at Words With Friends that I haven't even been able to win and I cheat! It's making me crazy.

My wife never cleans up after her dog and always expects me to pick up the poop and I hate it. I've decided to put some in her shoe one day to save an argument.

My husband wears white tube socks and black shoes with his shorts all summer long. He refuses to wear sandals, flip flops, or just some no-show socks. It's so stupid it makes me mad!

I'm so annoyed that he won't cut his stupid Duck Dynasty beard.

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