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It Goes On At Work, But No One Knows

Posted: 2013-07-16 09:53 AM
We keep an "idiot file" on one of my coworkers.
I fooled around with a coworker on the boss's desk. The boss has no clue!

My Friday Slurpee that I get during lunch is spiked with vodka...that's why I'm in such a good mood by the end of the day.

Sex in the Produce cooler.

My manager and another employee often watch porn at the front counter on the weekends. The owner has no idea.

There's a competition going to be the first person to have sex in every room in our office suite.

Well, everyone knows the old attorney at my office - who is NOT in a private office - "helps himself along" - at his desk, literally 3 times a day.

We drink skinny girl margaritas out of coffee cups.
The cleaning guy washes the spout for the water fountain with the same brush that he uses to clean the toilet. I've seen it!

A couple who were swingers, recruited playmates from different departments. Apparently they didn't pick wisely, because someone reported them to HR...

Since I'm paid hourly, I calculate how much money I make while I poop and keep track. So far his week I've made $1.97 while in the bathroom.

I walked in on my boss once when he was on a "conference call" and he was actually dancing to Lady Gaga in his underwear. It's our little secret.

No one knows that the summer law intern sitting in front of me watches cartoons on his computer all day.

My boss is sometimes rude to me, so once a week I leave a surprise in his private bathroom toilet, and switch the hand soap with mayo, he still doesn't know who does it.

I work for a car dealership. Some of my coworkers head deep into the lot and get it on in the backseat of the cars. Don't worry, the cars are all detailed when you buy them!

We sneak meat or meat juices into our vegan boss' lunches because we are so sick of her bragging about her healthy lifestyle.


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