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Why You Wouldn't Date You

Posted: 2013-07-18 09:35 AM
I have toe fingers. I bite my nails so much that my fingernails get short to the point of nonexistence.

I require too much attention and am pretty close to being a stage 5 clinger!

I am 29 year old man and act like an 80 year old man
I wouldn't date me because I do live action roleplaying, even dressing up in full armor and regalia for the historic period.

I hate to have sex! If it were up to me, I'd only have sex once a year.

I can't have a woman sleep over after a dinner date... I have irritable bowel syndrome.

I love talking about how awesome my deaf cat is!

I wouldn't date me because I'm the biggest complainer I know. You name it - I have a problem with it.

I floss my teeth with my hair.

I never have cash and I am afraid of the color yellow.

Because every day I freak out that today is the day he dumps me.

I'm 28 balding, argumentative, and on my way to be a real life George Costanza.

I scream in my sleep.

I'm cheap, have very little tact, sloppy, picky eater, bad drunk, completely worthless at fixing things around the house, lazy and extremely horny.

I will drive across the city to where my boyfriend lives just to confirm that he is where he says he is.

I correct others' grammatical errors immediately after they speak them. It's an impulse I cannot stop.

I wouldn't date me because I like to smell other people's armpits.

I wouldn't date me because I have a huge ego. I think I'm an 11 on a 10 point scale but realistically I'm only a 10.

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